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Default Today is the 'zero' day !

Today is the 'zero' day for sh3 - sh4 - sh5 !

H.Sie and all your 'company' that involved in this ..... the sh community is just celebrating and starts a new chapter at silent hunter series ...exactly today ...thanks to all of you !

i tested your mission and everything i saw is very promising and convising !! VERY VERY GOOD JOB ! in fact ...i don't know if there are words to congratulate all of you...
you are writting the gold history for sh series ! realy...hacking the executables is making 'miracles' ?

my set up for the mission :

1) i used the MEP 20km (with my visual sensors) --i don't know if there is anyone that can play seriously at 'smaller' envs . a ship with a small mast=25m can be seen by a u-boat observer at about 26km distance . if we could ...we need a even much 'bigger' than 20km environment . we need one up to about 32 - 33 km (but experts here saying that is impossible to create a bigger than 20km env) ,so my point is that you all have to 'forget' the 16km environments

2) i removed from the mission the destroyers for just shadowing easily the convoy and test the wolfpack mission

everything works very nice and i find very brilliant the idea to 'inform' the bdu for convoy's course and speed through tdc's dials !! very brilliant !!

ps: i ,aslo , didn't like the fact that i can't send contact report any time i want . why not to send report anytime ? more 'updates'-reports to bdu...the better ??

and the pics of proof : Wolfpacks are REAL in sh3 !! (H.Sie: was only one the u-boat that attacked---WITH TORPS !!!! --- the convoy or more than one ? i was very far from the 'action' when took place)

message from bdu ...setting the wolfpack on route :

the time of the attack (i turned the boat to move in but i was very far) :

view of wolfpack attack from my bridge :

the spotted wolfpack u-boat while attacking :

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