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Wolfpack Mod Alpha Version 1 is online.

LGN1: Idea, research
h.sie: Programming


1) Patch sh3.exe as usual to V16A0.

2) Put patched sh3.exe into Supplement folder (where the dll's are).

3) Activate Supplement Folder (and overwrite Campaign.scr and xx_menu.txt, that's okay for testing purposes).

4) Load Single Mission "Wolfpack". (Instructions for Career mode will follow soon).

5) In Single Mission "Wolfpack" just set TC to high value and wait.

6) When you see a convoy, estimate it's course and speed and put these values into the two TDC dials (German: Zielrichtung & Gegnerfahrt, English: Bearing & Speed) and then send the contact report. You'll see these two values in the contact report. sh3 no more calculates them for you. It's your job now. From now on you are the contact holder and you have to shadow the convoy and send contact reports every hour. But it's also possible that no Uboats are available to help you. Then, BDU orders to attack alone.

The speed and course values are (sometimes) necessary to lead the wolfpack subs into the operation area. You'll also get some response from BDU. Follow these instructions. But sometimes BDU messages get lost or come too late - chaos, as in real life. If the wolfpack reaches the operation area, BDU will wait for good attack conditions (dark and no fog) and then order to attack (but sometimes this order does not come in time or gets lost). Then, some time later, the convoy battle (hopefully) begins. Use the binocs or the peri, but not the external cam.

The time period influences the behaviour. In early times, no wolfpack subs are available. In 1942 the chance is very high that a wolfpack is available to help you. From 1943 on, the chance strongly rises, that hunter-killer groups sink/damage the wolfpack subs, so that they don't reach their operation area. Then, BDU orders to attack alone.

The area also influences the behaviour. Wolfpacks are available in the north- and south atlantic, but not near land.

It is very important to send contact reports on a regulary basis, every hour. Otherwise the chance strongly rises that the wolfpack isn't able to find the interception point in time. Then, you have to attack alone.

The higher the windspeed, the higher the chance that the wolfpack subs get fuel problems or similar and don't reach the interception point in time.

Rules for Savegames/Reloads:

Don't save/reload Single Missions. Enemy units are dumb after reload.

1) Game must run 3 minutes after (re)loading before sending a contact report.
2) After sending a contact report, wait 3 minutes and then save the game.


Thanks to LGN1. Without his brilliant idea and findings, this mod would not be possible.
Thanks to Sergbuto for giving permission to use/modify his AI-Subs.
Thanks to Stiebler, SqareSteelBar and Hitman for help, support, knowledge.
Thanks to all testers in the past and future.
Last but not least: Thanks to the sh3 - programmers. For a good sim.

Looking forward for your testing reports.
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