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I tried to create a small scenario (for my own learning and testing purposes) in which an F-15C had a mission to intercept a CH-53. His distance was ~43 nautical miles.

The F-15 had an AAW loadout and was at low altitude, the CH-53 was flying nap of the earth.

The idea for the F-15 was simply to upon scenario start kill the CH-53 (there are others trying to defend it).

I tried several things and could not get the plane to do what I wanted it to do.

The first was to simply create an intercept mission. The second was to manually have it fly and maybe I would get lucky. The third is AAW patrol, but I think I did something horribly wrong there (I put out 2 reference points? Possibly needed more?) because he just spun around in the air looking for something to do, wasting good ole tax dollars on that cheap ole gas.

I did realize one fatal error... I forgot to turn his radar on (who says Eagles can't be blind and still hunt?) So I attempted active radar at intervals to maintain a bit of stealth. Still... no luck.

I asked a veteran for some help on the issue... his answer... put a unit on the ground to spot the CH-53. Not exactly what I wanted... but I imagine it works (haven't tried it as of this posting).

So... he asked me to put this post up to see if any of the community had thoughts on how to do this effectively and/or correctly so a video can be made for creating interception missions. (at least I hope that's what he was wanting).

Does anyone know how to do my scenario effectively, or any air intercept mission effectively for that matter?
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