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Originally Posted by quink99 View Post

Taking your advice.....

I found the application, SH5 Patcher v1.1 by The Dark Wraith, but I haven't a clue what as to do with it regarding my problem. There seems to be neither a read me or a help file unless I'm overlooking them. If such things exsist I wonder if you might be able to direct me to them or advise me how I can use the mentioned app to change the line colors for better visibility?

Open up Application

1. File/Backup sh5.exe

2. Click on File/Open/TDW_SH5_Patches.s5p

3. Then it automatically takes to another window. Click on SH5.exe

4. Click on + sign next to Broken Hydophone fix. Then + sign next to change 1. Then double click on the red disable to make it enabled.

5. Next you click on + sign next to map colors. Changes 1-15 you can customize your colors. Read the description to see what your changing. First you double click on the IsColor in red and it brings up the color box like the picture. Pick your color.

6. Next click on Enabled False to make it true. I think another box comes up asking to accept changes. Click yes.

7. When done making all your changes just click on File exit.
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