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Originally Posted by TheDarkWraith View Post
let's first define exactly what sounds are missing. Do the ship(s) have hydro sound (sound at hydrophone station)? Can you hear the ship(s) using external camera? Can you hear the ship(s) if your submarine is close to them (engine/screw noise)? What other sounds are there that are not there?
for me the following sounds are working:

- Hydropone Engine
- External cam Engine
- Shell impacts
- Torp impacts
- Sinking ship sound

for me the following sounds are missing:

- Burning fire on the ship
- Explosions (but not shell or torp impacts), also the bigger explosions like oil or splinter explosions which are caused by follow up damages like sinking or by fire etc...
- Maybe also sounds from destroyable items like cranes, funnels (i never saw those object destroyable on the new ships)

- not shure about the water spray sound`s

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