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Originally Posted by Hans Witteman View Post
Hi shipmates,

I caught a naughty virus and i was sick for a week thing are getting better and will resumed work today or tomorrow sorry for the long silence,

I was just browsing the net last night and i found a nice script to export animation frames automatically so this is great news for us in team so i will upload it on our file server

I already used it on a fishnet i made for the small fishing boat so you see the fishnet moving with the wind it is only 50 frames and the effect is really looking good.

Also i made for you all kind of templates for the ships texturing process like doors, windows, rope, ladder and all sort of thing you can see on ships.

Will upload everything so you can finally go forward with your work.

Best regards Hans

Glad your feeling better mate, so easy to catch a virus in these damp u-boats .

Thanks for making the Fishing Net, I don't think my attempt would have come out very well and it definitely wouldn't have been animated .

Been keeping busy on my SH5 Mod in the meantime so all is good.
Really needed to catch up on that one - been doing a VIIC TDC at the moment for it.

Here's my current WIP (Most Dials to be replaced with my in-game ones)

What software to you recommend for making videos - want to create some tutorial videos for RAOBF use.
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