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Default [REL] Open Horizons II (old thread)

This mod is developed by me and Trevally with the kind help and contribution of many friends around subsim: TheDarkWraith, Reaper07, SteelViking, Uekel, Rongel, Stormfly, AOTDMadMax, stoianm, Obelix, TheDivingDuck, Gap. There are many contributor to this mod, if I left out anyone is not intentional and I apologize in advance for this. Also many thanks to Ruby2000 and Ustahl for testing the mod while under developement, they helped a lot in tracking down problems and have them fixed.

Changed mod name because some of the german players found a bit weird the naming "Das Campaign". This mod is a improvement over my first attempt to create and extended campaign, Open Horizons.

The mod is in public beta test. Instead of releasing patches that sould solve problems reported by the players, we decided to release a public beta test version first. After gathering bug reports and fix them all, we will release a final version. Hopefully this will happen soon.

====================================== EDITED BY TREVALLY ===========================================
New Updates 07/08/11
Added new terrain for Kiel harbour by Sober
Added more and better flags by Rongel

New Updates 13/08/11
Released a new add-on mod "OH II Terrain Add-on"
By Sober Thfeu58 and Trevally

New Updates 17/8/11
Merged tearrain addon by sober anf thfeu58 into full and base
fixed MN campaign
fixed Coastal Waters campign (missing map id)
added buoy fix by sober to full and base (buoys will not show through objects)
added ship dds fix by sober to full and base

update OH II v1.2
Added rongel fix for flag.dat
Fixed errors in defside.cfg
Added flag.dat fix by TDW
Fixed coastal waters - points and brief
Changed Mines and sub nets so they can not be heard by hydro
Fixed errors in roster
add campaign image to main menu

Update OH II base v1.2.1
Fixed roster where it caused errors in ME2

Update 05/09/11 v1.3
re-worked scapa for better fps
fixed subnets in scapa flow (thanks again TDW) Edit: When game first load the subnets will start with a few meter sticking out of the water. This will last only a few moment and the will sink to the correct level where only the floats will be seen on the surface.
Rongels frozen flag fix
fixed silent (hydro) coastal ships - (type from 104 to 108)
made fishing boats and tugs silents in hydro and no hydro line on map - (type from 108 to 104)

OH II v1.4
Fixed missing engine sound - Thanks Stormfly for the fix
Fixed museum ctd due to zombie ships - Thanks Rongel
Added Rongels new Coastal Boat within Fishing layer and playerbases
Fixed Western Approaches campaign points.
Fixed coastal Waters to give more time at start of Operation Weserubung
Fixed issue where most side missions were partol x. Now we have intercept, spy, recon, commando and supply.
Added Rongels Fix to ship kasagisan where graphics and lighting are improved - also its flag is unfrozen.
Added Rongels fix for his coastal boat where damage will now be shown.

Update 15/11/11 v1.5
OHII v1.5
Fixed errors in mission CFG (click click)
Added Uekel fix to frozen flags
Changed scapa mission start date and fixed BB game entry date
Added map marker to HappyTimes SS mission
Fixed errors in base where TDWs validator would show errors for PTElco and Mine_Chain
Added Rongel fix - graphical update that fixes graphical bugs, All ships now use 1024 x 1024 textures, black textured ghost ship, a crash in museum with one Z-ship and few other small tweaks.
Fixed Rommel supplies and OP in campiagn Battle of Med
Added cerberus wonderful ship mod - Thanks Cerberus
Added the OHII campaign radio messages
Fixed Arctic convoy campaign victory conditions
Fixed Op Drumbeat Blitz mission
Fixed The Final Year objectives
Fixed airbase layer in the Med campaigns
Fixed campaign Battle of Med where there was a chance that convoys/traffic would get stuck and backlog - resulting in new ships spawning but none leaving (causes ctd after time (100+ ships))
Added Rongels new ship fixes - mostly dealing with ships draft values, removed the occasional bug where ships are half submerged in harbours. There is also included TDW's shader that gives caustics to both sides of the imported ships.
Fixed Scapa Flow in the Coastal Waters campaign - removed spawn nodes and added direct spawn ships by date. Adjusted spawn area and fixed paths for DDs to match.
Added new option for higher tonnage objectives in each campaign


To give users as many options as possible - this mod is in 4 parts.

Part 1 OH II Full
This is the full version of the campaign with all added extras

Part 2 OH II Base
This is just the base mod. It has no environmental or ship units. This does have all the other extras (convoys, wolfpacks etc)

Part 3 OH II Enviro
This is an addon for the base mod (OH II). All environmental units will be added.

Part 4 OH II New Ships
This is an addon for the base mod (OH II) and will add the new ships.

Note: Do not use part 2,3 and 4 together. Use the Full version.

Also an option for "Elite Skippers" - higher tonnage requirments in each campaign (add after OHII and allow overwrite)

Open Horizons II Full v1.5
Open Horizons II Base + parts v1.5

PATCH for Open Horizons II Full v1.5 - none
PATCH for Open Horizons II Base v1.5 - none
PATCH for Open Horizons II Base + enviro v1.5 - none
PATCH for Open Horizons II Base + new ships v1.5 - none

Minefield Map - for TDWs UI
Minefield Map for IO_StrategicMap_for_CSPMagui

Open Horizons Light v3
Light v3
This version is just the new campaign objectives and war end 1945
It has no extra ships, mines, fishing boats etc. This version can be used for those who have a low spec PC and cant play the base version.

Credit to Sober and Thfeu58 for permission to use their terrain work in the terrain add-on

Important notes.
The mod is compatible with TDW UI, FX and IRAI. Install OHII last.
JSGME ready.

When starting a new campaign using OHII - DO NOT PLAY THE TUTORIAL - you will get a ctd when returing to Kiel at the end of the tut. Select "Skip Tutorial" when starting.
If you are not getting an option to skip the tutorial when starting a new career, go to Documents\SH5\data\cfg\CareerHistory.cfg and edit the file with Notepad. Change the following line:


When you are in the Bunker - check that you can get to ask the officer for upgrades. If this option is greyed out - save/load to fix.

Links and mods

Ruby2000 DeutschMod

See here

Uekel MTNS for OHII

OH II on Silent Hunter Mods Forum
See here

====================================== Trevally Edit Ends =============================================

If for any reason after accepting a mission in the bunker and ask permission to leave dock you find yourself teleported on sub without having a loading screen, make sure you end patrol/doc and accept the mission again. Its very important to have a loading screen when leaving the bunker, or the game will fail to load properly the game layer and weird stuff can happen, including crash.

Trevally's help desk
This is where Trevally can help & upload fixes etc while for various reasons I cant answer and Im not active.

========GENERAL INFO====================================

Mod status: Beta test

  • Mines, nets, icebergs, dolphins, buoys, whales. *
  • Improved port defense in enemy harbor, Scapa Flow will get special attention.
  • New (imported) ships. **
  • Reworked (and new) missions
    - All missions requiring to hunt escorts and capital ships are modified or removed.
  • A lot of important convoys will be added into the campaigns at their exact historical date.
  • SH5 campaign extended up to 1945.
  • New campaign covering the 43-44 timeframe.
  • Reworked port traffic with buoys.
  • Improved convoy traffic with ships from all nations, neutral ships.
* Imported by TDW. Buoys made by TheDivingDuck for SH3
** List of contributors here and here

WISHLIST - unfinished features
  • Redoing the crew story line, character development.

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