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Default How to use only the RAOFB whell with Real nav and Realism 100% in SH5

stoianm How to use only the RAOFB whell with Real nav and Realism 100% in SH5 video tutorial

1)How to use attack periscope to find course, AOB, range etc from an ship or convoy with the help of RAOFB wheel

2)How toput you youboat in the best position before making the final attack

This is the most immersive method in SH5 and i think that all players that like to play realistic should use the RAOFB wheel to find the needed data for Manual TDC - this RAOFB wheel and the attack disck were the only tools used in the WWII by submariner... so if you want to be a good Uboat Captain you should to be able to easy use the RAOFB wheel

If you do not know this method i sugest to watch before the stoianm Let's learn to use RAOFB wheel in SH5 video tutorial

To play like this you need to install:

1) TDW UI mod version 6.4 - he had in his interface the RAOFB wheel and you can play tutorials using the automations - also he use in his interface the real ship dimensions to have acurate results in game

2) The manos scope mod - i recomand this mod because is very acurate and the RAOFB marks are very acurate also... the mod is in the TDW UI mod version 6.4 - just install the patch related at your monitor resolution

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