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Default Let's learn to use RAOFB wheel in SH5

stoianm Let's learn to use RAOFB wheel in SH5 video tutorial

1)How to use attack periscope to find course, AOB, range etc from an ship or convoy with the help of RAOFB wheel

2)How to learn to play SH5 with the help of TDW interface using tutorials

I readed that in WWII the submariners used often the RAOFB wheel to find all the data and put in the Manual TDC - so this is a very immersive method.

Now at this moment of the SH5 modding we can use this RAOFB wheel in our SH5 and we will have accurate results

To play like this you need to install:

1) TDW UI mod version 6.4 - he had in his interface the RAOFB wheel and you can play tutorials using the automations - also he use in his interface the real ship dimensions to have acurate results in game

2) The manos scope mod - i recomand this mod because is very acurate and the RAOFB marks are very acurate also... the mod is in the TDW UI mod version 6.4 - just install the patch related at your monitor resolution

3) Trevally tutorials - you need this mod to learn a lot of methods and also to learn to use the RAOFB wheel - is very helpful because you can learn in same time plaing the game .. and he will help you with explanations and he will guide you step by step... excelent tutorial mod

This tutorial will be continued with How to use RAOFB wheel with Real nav and Realism 100% in SH5

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