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Originally Posted by Rubini View Post

Only one issue (anyway i have to pay attention a bit more to have sure) is related to the cameraxxx.act (attached to the peri fix, no?) The blur is sometimes persistent in external camera (f12) even when my periscopes are down. The effect go out if i'm at slow speed. But notice: the strange is that my periscope are all down. I will try to look better to this issue and will post again if i find something better to explaim the problem.
hello Rubini,

there is no problem with CameraBehavior.act
look at your cameras.dat are ,just, using a cameras.dat that has the blur effect at the node for free camera.
go at the node for free camera and in there find and delete the ''CameraEffects'' and all its child nodes...then save and you are ready to go

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