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Default u93 - walter suhr. Patrol 5

Well Patrol five is under-way.

Left Brest on July 24th after one month in port for repairs etc following my last patrol.

DT24 is my alloted grid right down near africa I a long slog ahead. Just abrest western coast of spain on 26/27th July I change my plan slighly and am going to meander around near casablanca for a bit as I know large convoys often frequent the area.

CG28 July 28th
"Ship Spotted" was reported by the crew in the early hours. Skipper W Suhr had only been an hr or so but crew decides to wake him, with a mug of tea...

"Well what we got, what you woke me for this time?" I ask my crew....(yes me the skipper as W Suhr)

1XO: We got a large merchant sir, was thinking u might want to see....

"well yeh I suppose....Ahead FLANK! Open tubes two & three for salvo firing"

in my slumber I had forgotten to ask my weps to set the spread angle to minimum given the distances involved.

LOS was ordered and no detonation is heard. Five mins later I give up and order the crew to "MAN DECK GUN!"

We put around 15 shells into her and I then ordered us to periscope depth as she is returning fire in some way with a small cannon of some description

Up the scope, properly set the tubes this time....

"Open Tube one please"
Tube 1 duly is opened and fired....without further ado & before long....detonation!!!!

A hit is scored.

The process is repeated by using the now re-loaded tube two and she is now sliding below....

That's where we are upto ATM

R/L: food & Bedtime calls.
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