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Originally Posted by makman94 View Post
hello to all ,
thank you all guys for your ,very nice i must say, words

now ,the mod is finished and tests are finished ! need to write its readme and pack the whole works ,as expected , to all resolutions ratios . I must thank Trevally for his patience on testing with me all the different resolutions . a procedure that need a loooot of patience ! (really ,why sh5 is soooo slow on loading a single mission with only one ship and one sub?)

@Magnum : i have allready answered to your question about MaGui for sh5 ! but ,the mod and its files are there for everyone who wants to take the challenge and import it at sh5 (if it is possible).now ,as i see, that you really like MaGui ...i can only give you a small 'gift' . i had made this background ,also, for the scopes of Magui F . what do you think ? like?

Makman94 those screenshots look so yummy! will you upload that interface as well ?
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