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Originally Posted by dakuth View Post
You know... I'm still damn-well lost with this.

Trevally, using your AoB tutorial. The first Ranger Tanker it makes you look at.

I just updated to TDW's 6.0.3

Range: 700m
Length: 112m
Ticks: 13

Try those numbers. What AoB do you get? Because I get a very small AoB, when it should in fact be about 80deg. If I multiply by 4 (only because I saw you do it in one of your screenshots, I don't know why I would multiply) I get 52 ticks... but there are not 52 ticks on the ROABF.......
If the target is too big to fit in the RAOBF at x6 zoom we use x1.5 zoom.
6 / 1.5 = 4
So if clicks are counted in 1.5 zoom you must X by 4.
Or you can set your clicks to the bottom right black marker (note: if you put 10click at bottom right marker - the top black marker shows this number X 4)

If your click go over 50 (no 50 on wheel) the numgers continue.
so 0.5 becomes 50
next mark up is 55
next mark up is 60 and so on.

Once I get the horizontals sorted - I will post a new step by step guide
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