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Default (Steel Fury) Hi everyone, new missions!


I have produced something new with the Mission Editor, what I term as a Gentle Introduction to the Steel Fury game.
Of course, by "gentle", I mean, once in a while, you can survive to the end!

Kyth Mission 1
In this semi-historical scenario, the Red Army has pulled off a nasty surprise with their initial Spring Offensive in the Kharkov area.
Elements of the 3rd Panzer division (that's you) have to deal with the developing situation, which can only be described as 'a ghastly mess'.

You can download the mission here:

As always, you will need to add a new line to the user_camp.engcfg file:
New_KY_01, txt_mc_mymission_1, 1, 0, Back_KY01.tga,
txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_01.level;

Have Fun!


And now, here's another mission, following on from the first one.

Kyth Mission 2
Your kampfgruppe has to reopen the supply lines to your beleaguered front-line defenders. Dark and stormy night, rain falling in torrents, enemy strongpoint to be captured! Your quick thinking and skill could spell the difference between victory and defeat...

You can download the mission here:

And, please remember to add in this extra line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:

New_KY_02, txt_mc_mymission_2, 1, 0, Back_KY02.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_02.level;


Here's the 3rd mission, which follows on after the events in mission 2:

Kyth Mission 3

The encircled defenders have hung on grimly for the past 2 days, throwing back repeated assaults on their positions.
Now, can they hold on for much longer? ... Make sure that they do!

The mission can be downloaded here:

And, please add this extra line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:

New_KY_03, txt_mc_mymission_3, 1, 0, Back_KY03.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_03.level;


Here's the 4th mission, which follows the events of mission 3:

Kyth Mission 4

The enemy is planning another of their pre-dawn attacks. Your kampfgruppe's task is to launch a pre-dawn attack on the pre-
dawn attackers!
Just don't let them pre-empt your pre-emptive strike...

Please download the mission here:

And also, please add in this extra line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:

New_KY_04, txt_mc_mymission_4, 1, 0, Back_KY04.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach,

Be careful with this one, there's a lot of maneuvering!


Here's another one! Mission 5 follows on after the events of Mission 4.

Kyth Mission 5

Your kampfgruppe is to make a quick strike on the enemy positions, Over the River and Through the Woods. Drill them full of

Download the mission from here!

Kindly add this extra line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_05, txt_mc_mymission_5, 1, 0, Back_KY05.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach,

A little tip! When ordering your platoon across the river, set the formation to 'none'. Unless you'd like some of them to end up in the river.

Have fun!


I hope everyone can keep it going, for the next mission:

Kyth Mission 6

As your Kampfgruppe maneuvers for its breakout, keep a close watch on the horizon... The Russians are not finished yet...

Please download the mission here:

And add in this line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_06, txt_mc_mymission_6, 1, 0, Back_KY06.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_06.level;

Some advice for this mission: Take care of your poor bloody infantry... that means 'taking care' of the enemy's infantry!

Good luck!


After Mission 6, of course, comes Mission 7...

Kyth Mission 7

The enemy's retreat route rapidly becomes a 'Mud-way of Death'! Make sure it's not actually your own...

If you're interested, please download the mission here:

And, please add in this line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_07, txt_mc_mymission_7, 1, 0, Back_KY07.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_07.level;

Have fun!


I hope you can handle this next mission!

Kyth Mission 8
Noisy battles break out all along the river! You are there to ensure that tactical skill and good shooting, keep the enemy well and truly clobbered.

Get the mission here!

Add in this line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_08, txt_mc_mymission_8, 1, 0, Back_KY08.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_08.level;

A little advice: Set your formation to 'none' when crossing the river; don't end up in the drink!

Have fun!


Here's another mission for you all! (Following the 'heroic' events of Mission 8)

Kyth Mission 9
In this armoured clash, you shall be deciding the outcome; will good shooting win the day, or will it be your Last Stand ...?

Download the mission here!

Remember to add this line in the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_09, txt_mc_mymission_9, 1, 0, Back_KY09.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_09.level;

Have fun!


Good afternoon / Good evening / Good night!

Speaking of which, here's the next mission (a night mission ):

Kyth Mission 10
The recent counterattack has resulted in the encirclement of a Rather Large enemy force. However, they will require a lot of
"convincing" to actually stay captured... Elements of 3rd Panzer (you again) are on the scene!

Get the mission here!

And, as usual, add in an extra line to the 'user_camp.engcfg' file:
New_KY_10, txt_mc_mymission_10, 1, 0, Back_KY10.tga, txt_cit_02, 20, txt_history_tky_1, hist_map_teach, levels\levels\cm_users\New_KY_10.level;

Get busy now!


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