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Default [WIP] FX Update

new version v0.0.22!

FX Update for SH5 by TheDarkWraith
version 0.0.22


The changes made to the .aix, .dat, .sim, .val, .zon, and .dsd files are the intellectual property of TheDarkWraith and may not be used, modified, or duplicated in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of TheDarkWraith. The changes made to these files may not be used in any commercial application of any form without the express written permission of TheDarkWraith.

This mod will update the effects used in the game.

To install this mod correctly do the following:
Navigate to where you unzipped the mod to and open it up. Select the 'MODS' folder and right click on it. Select copy. Navigate to your '\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\' folder and open it up. Right click in an empty area and select paste. Enable 'FX_Update_0_0_22_ByTheDarkWraith' via JSGME (this assumes you setup JSGME to use the 'MODS' folder as default).

NOTE: is this mod perfect? NO WAY. It will continue to evolve as I learn more about the files and the game itself. Does the mod contain any bugs or errors? I hope not but to say it doesn't would be foolish. I will address errors/bugs as users find them and post them in FX Update thread.

NOTE: damage decals applied to units are controlled by Granny (and it's not really decals - Granny removes vertices from the mesh(es) to show damage effects). Currently I do not know how to adjust them or fully understand how/why it does what it does. To me showing some kind of damage is better than nothing displayed.

This mod is fully compatible with my UIs mod. You have to install this mod first then install my UIs mod.

- Wamphyri - idea as to how to get damage to display, external torp transfer times
Testpilot - new dds files for parachute and pilot for parachute
- KSZ - hull wetness mod


v0.0.1 - first official release
- changed the torp explosion effect
- added debris to shell explosions
- debris makes splashes when contacting the water (plus sound)
- debris will float on water for a period of time then sink down into the abyss
- added additional explosions to fires (time based). Additional explosions have sound and debris
- all sounds added also have an underwater sound for hydrophone pickup
- Distress flares were added to all ships. They will only fire one distress flare based on damage taken
- all torpedoes were changed to use the new torp explosion effect
v0.0.2 - added spray and wakes to all periscopes, radio rod, DF Loop, and FuMB1Metox antenna
- DF Loop will randomly rotate at different speeds and different directions simulating the radio operator searching for signals
- DF Loop is now visible underwater. It will hide when the sub's depth is > 13m and will reappear when sub's depth is <= 13m
- Radio rod starts rising at 6.5m and is fully deployed at 13m. At 21m the radio rod will start to be undeployed and at ~26m it will be fully undeployed (hidden). As the sub submerges the radio rod will always be slightly visible out of the water until the sub's depth is ~ > 13m
v0.0.3 - fixed bug of splashes being seen inside sub
v0.0.4 - adjusted \data\Objects\Sensors\UBoat_Sensors.sim
- added damage decals to all subs (human and AI) (when sub takes damage there will be visual evidence of it on the outside of the sub - won't show for small caliber gun damage)
- fixed the gray bow splash on the subs to the color it should be
V0.0.5 - fixed problems with debris and secondary explosions
v0.0.6 - changed external transfer times to those recommended by wamphyri (1000)
v0.0.7 - red distress flare goes higher in sky now
- added smoke to flares (they are burning!)
- flares now fall slowly out of the sky
- flares are now affected by wind (they will drift in the wind)
- flares visibility time changed to 120 seconds
- added water reflections to flares
- added oil spots for when diesel engine, engine room compartment, or machinery space is totally destroyed (applies to ALL vessels in game)
- added crewman explosions to the command deck (if the command deck takes > defined damage then bodies, lifevests, and possibly helmets will be ejected as debris) - this is for ships only
- some debris bodies bleed on water surface
- fixed bug of debris spinning on water surface. Now all debris lies flat on the surface riding the waves
- changed the way debris behaves. It now doesn't sink out of sight. It hangs around for a considerable amount of time then it disappears
- fixed the first part of my torpedo explosion. It wasn't showing the initial water rise and fall before the water plumes rise
v0.0.8 - fixed bug of debris following the item it came from
- fixed (hopefully) bug of flare fog
v0.0.9 - fixed bug of missing splash sounds for debris
- fixed (hopefully) oil spot moving unnaturally
- oil spot rendering changed to that of the flare reflections
v0.0.10 - (hopefully) fixed problem of oil slicks sometimes standing on end
- removed fireworks from the ammo explosion
v0.0.11 - added rotating beacon to lighthouses
v0.0.12 - fixed bug in oil slicks pointed out by Kapten Nemo
- fire now causes damage to ships
- secondary explosions times changed and added another secondary explosion time delay
- secondary explosions new cause damage to ships
v0.0.13 - adjusted funnel smoke
v0.0.14 - changed lifetime of funnel smoke
- changed color of funnel smoke
- changed creation rate of funnel smoke to be more FPS friendly
- changed how secondary explosion's damage is triggered
- changed opacity of the flare's water reflections
v0.0.15 - changed how secondary explosions causes damage to ships to remove bug of player's sub taking damage from them
- changed how fire damage causes damage to ships
- fixed bug of secondary explosions debris not flying through the air like they should
- planes now take damage from smoke and fire
- due to new method of how ship's take damage from fire and secondary explosions they also incur flooding. It is possible to see a ship sink from flooding due to fires and/or secondary explosions
v0.0.16 - added debris to airplane explosions
- new damage/flooding model for small merchants, merchants, and escorts
v0.0.16.1 - added more debris to airplane explosions
- added ejected pilot(s) with parachute to airplane explosions
- ship's flags no longer show underwater
v0.0.16.2 - added new parachute and pilot for parachute by Testpilot.
- adjusted fall speed of parachute to allow more 'hang-time'
- adjusted how much pilot and parachute has to submerge before showing dead, floating pilot
v0.0.17 - added changes to Uboat_sensors.sim recommended by TheBeast for Anti-Sensor Coatings
- changed surfaced draught of subs according to recommendations by oscar19681
v0.0.18 - added smoke damage event to the CR compartment
- updated Sh.sdl with entries from sub flags for compatibility purposes
- updated \data\Objects\Sensors folder to be compatible with my UIs mod (v6.7.0 and greater)
- removed all uboat .sim files from mod
v0.0.19 - fixed lighthouse flare from showing through objects
- increased size of lighthouse flare by 10%
v0.0.20 - incorporated KZS's Hull Wetness mod into this one
v0.0.21 - fixed bug that caused debris to disappear sometimes when falling from the sky before hitting the water
- fixed bug of pilot and parachute spawning close to water. They are not allowed to spawn lower than 15m now
v0.0.22 - added gap/volodya61's reworked torpedo explosion effects
- added gap's modified .zon files for ships that includes the radio room and antenna zones
- added gap's modified zones.cfg file that supports the radio room and antenna zones
- included 4 add-on mods for torpedoes. One of them is to be used if the Torpedo patches of my Generic Patcher is enabled.


version 0.0.22 available here:

In the screenshot below you can see that a shell just hit the side of the merchant, the resulting debris is flying in the air spinning, a distress flare was sent up, and one of the pieces of debris just splashed down in the water:

Here are some secondary explosions going off:

Airplane destroyed and pilot ejecting:

Pilot floating down to water:

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