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German U-Boat Crew Language Pack

German U-Boat Crew Language Pack

  • The German speech files are already located within the Silent Hunter V game, however; to active them you have to either load the game in German or drag files across into the JSGME.
  • This mod makes it easier for those gamers who may feel nervous about tinkering with files in their Silent Hunter V game.
  • To utilise my mod just drop the “German U-Boat Crew Language Pack” into the MODS folder within JSGME and activate it.
  • You will still get English subtitles, to help you exactly what the crew are saying.
  • For your information the German speech files are located at; data/LngGameData/voices/german.
  • This mod was created by Venatore.
  • This mod has the correct file structure pathway to use with JSGME.
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