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Default [REL] Hydrophone Tracker

Hydrophone Tracker v1.1b
by: Gutted

Note: It's not a mod.. that's why i posted it here instead.

Note: The longer the time interval between the sightings, the more accurate it is.

This is actually a tool that is going to be in Solution Solver 2.0, but that is some time away, so i figured i'd make it a standalone program as well.


Version 1.1b Changelog
+ Added a "minutes" label next to the time interval entry box.. to remove any confusion about what it expects.
+ Added support for units other than meters for range entry. Supports Meters, Kilometers, Feet, Yards, & Nautical Miles now.

Version 1.1 Changelog
+ Fixes line scaling problem. Due to letting you enter values out of order since the beta version, I forgot to have the program reset it's internal scaling whenever you start changing things.

Changelog from the Beta version:
+ Program now accounts for your own true course at the time of the sightings.
+ No longer forced to enter things in a strict manner. You can enter anything at anytime.

Solution Solver 2.3.2 - Visual Targeting Tools & Aids

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