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Originally Posted by Pumbator View Post
Well, I'm trying to get it working with DarkWraight's NewUIs mod, no success...

In menu_1024_768.ini DarkWraight's mod has 89 lines of 'Main groups and pages' already (because of his additional line on the beginning)

What I did... added the 90th line with 'Page Voice Recognition', changed 'Groups no' to 90.

What I get - 'Error PythonImportErrorException:
No module named PageVoiceRecognition in DATA/Scripts/Menu/Page'

EDIT: took a screenshot of the error:

Thanks for any help

Hey Guys, Thanks for the feedback !

Ok, this is what I did and I got it to work without a flaw:

1. Using windows explorer I opened Voice Recognition and opened up Menu/Pages menu ini. file opened with notepad editor, copied the last line of code of the ini file

Then I pasted that line into DarkWraight's NewUIs mod menu/pages ini file (menu_1024_768.ini). Now because there was already line 89 had to change that to 90 and the groups no=90 as well. See picture down below

After changing the line to 90 like picture shown above. Then the last thing which is important is you need to copy the Page Voice Reconition ini file from Voice Reconingtion, as well and paste that into DarkWraight's NewUIs mod folder under Menu/Pages with the rest of the Ini Files. Other wise will not work. Thats why I'm thinking Pumbator you got that Python Error was because it could not find the function Page Voice Reconigtion ini. So Copy that file and place with the New Ui folder and will have no problem

hopefully this helps people out who might have had the same problem too.

Note: Make Sure !.... that you activate Voice Recongintion in JGSME, before DarkWraight's New UI Mod other wise will get a conflict with the TDC Dials showing underneath the persicope and will not function properly. here's a picture below to help you.

So the Conclusion is Everything works great. Thanks for your help and input, skwasjer and KarlKoch. What a Awesome Mod Voice Recognition is !

Oh, and sorry for the Long post... thought if I add pictures might help explain my content better cheers.

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