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Ok, here is an update for you on the whole DRM thing. The game plays and ran fine when my internet connection was up. So, to test the whole DRM thing, I went to go to disable my ethernet adapter.

Now, I am not trying to scare anyone here, but I am almost 100% positive that I could always disable the adapter, even when a program was using the internet connection. But for whatever reason when I went to disable the adapter this time I got this:

So, I then pulled my cord at about 10:41PM, and went back to the game. By 10:43, this popped up:

There was no opportunity to save your progress or anything, it just popped up with that screen. Also, when I popped the cord back in the game was the last thing to restore. My internet, weather connection, etc all game back first.

It is pretty draconian if you ask me. Luckily SH is really the only Ubisoft game I play.

Now as for screenshots of the game, I'll take some once I get used to it. It all just feels a little odd right now, the beginning is not what I expected.

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