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Originally Posted by DivingDuck View Post
actual version: DD_OH_V3.09_20091209162038
'LGN1' has reported a problem with conning deck cam. When selecting the watch officer the camera winds up and looks at the conning from high above. ThereŽs two ways to solve the problem:
  1. donŽt click the watch officer on conning deck
    • in case you do, by mistake, you can move back to "normal" position using the mouse and arrow keys on your keyboard. the cam is free.
  2. use the new fix
    • IŽve uploaded a hotfix for this very problem. Instead of a camera view winding up youŽll now get a report on the nearest visual contact when clicking the watch officer on conning deck. Other mods may be affected. Get the file here: DD_OH_V3.09_ConningDeckCam_Fix_20091210230737.7z (ca 5KB)

Thanks for the report, LGN1!

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