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Default How to Use

The following ship is at a range of 850 yards and has 55 degree AOB (tested it with autotargeting). This is how to find those values when using my AOB tool. Don't laugh if you already know how to use an AOB wheel, some still need a refreshment . All of the steps are made for a 6X zoom on the periscope.

As you can see, the ship spans across 9 marks vertical and around 26 marks horizontal.

When you click on the AOB tool, you'll also see more precise markings. From them I can tell that the ship is about 9.3 marks vertical.

1) Line up the number of marks on the Inner dial with the black line at the top of the screen. In our case, it's around 9.3.
2) Check the Manual to see the mast (don't worry, I removed the X2 text). In our case, about 23 meters.
3) You can now see the range on the middle dial, right next to the mast value on the outer dial. In our case 23 is next to 850 meters (8.5*100).


Now that you know the range, do this:

1. Line up the range on the middle dial with the Lenght of the ship on the outer dial. In our case, we line up 850m (8.5) with 78.
2. Check how many horizontal marks takes to cover the ship. If you use the precise markings (only visible when the AOB wheel is visible), lock on the target and see where the tip of the bow intersects the marks. In our case 26.
NOTE: Don't add up the values on both sides, as we did in the first picture. That was for the normal 10|10 horizzontal markings on the scope. The precise markings already have a double horizontal scale.
3. You can now see the AOB on the inner dial, right next to the number of marks on the middle dial. In our case 26 is next to 56 degrees.

Make sure the scope isn't locked on the target. Put the center of your periscope just in front of the target. From now on don't move the periscope anymore. Also make sure that your speed is bellow 2 knots and that the ship presents a nice AOB (between 45 and 135 degrees).

As it's bow crosses the center line, start the clock.

As it's stern crosses the center line, stop the clock.

As you can see the ship traveled a distance equal to it's own length in around 24 seconds. Now you can move the periscope again. Open up the AOB tool:

1. Line up the time on the middle dial (think of it as seconds, 25=25 seconds, not 2500 meters) with the lenght of the ship on the outer dial. In our case, you line up 24 seconds with 79 meters.
2. Read the range shown by the red mark. In our case, the speed is around 6.2 knots.

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