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Ups, almost forgot. One time I actually met a ship which I couldn't recognise. I had RFB at that time and I now know that it was a Minelayer. But then I didn't. So I matched it's course and speed. After I knew both, I applied the inverse tactic to find the length and the mast(by getting close and pinging it for range). I looked in the whole manual and found the ship. My height was off by a lot as I was using SCAF, but even my length was off by almost 8 meters. I reloaded and checked again. I had heights for the deck, for the funnel, for the masts, for the top of the command tower, all were perfect, just as in the picture. I guess that for a slow ship, if you're not seen, it doesn't take more than one attack to figure out the dimensions. Fool me once, game's fault. Fool me twice... mine.
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