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Default My U-Boat Pictures

U-596 (Type VIIC)

Scuttled on 24 Sept, 1944 in the Mediterranean in Skaramanga Bay, near Salamis in position 37.59N, 23.34E, after being damaged by US bombs. 1 dead, unknown number of survivors.

U-597 (Type VIIC)

Sunk 12 Oct, 1942 south-west of Iceland, in position 56.50N, 28.05W, by depth charges from a British Liberator aircraft (Sqdn. 120/H). 49 dead (all hands lost).

U-600 (Type VIIC)

Sunk 25 Nov, 1943 in the North Atlantic north of Ponta Delgada, in position 40.31N, 22.07W, by depth charges from the British frigates HMS Bazely and HMS Blackwood. 54 dead (all hands lost).
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