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Default [REL] OLC 'Gold' MkIId

This is an Environment & GUI "combimod" for GWX3 (previously known as the OLC Ubermod for GWX2).


Get MkIIc from the SUBSIM downloads section (here). An upgrade from MkIIc to MkIId is available at my FF page (here).

If you're new to this mod:

There's a download in the SUBSIM download section called "OLC GUI Video Tutorials" (here) which explains how to use my GUI. Be sure to read the description text on the download page as it contains some things that were not covered in the videos.

  • OLCG2 is not compatible with the Malfunction and Sabotage options in SH3 Commander. Please make sure those options are disabled.
  • I strongly recommend the use of makman94's TMT Mod (here) with OLCG2.

New in MkII:
  • A much-improved horizon. Clouds, ships and smoke will now fade into the horizon much more convincingly than before (new sky graphics are included to achieve this effect); distant ships don't "float in the fog" anymore and the horizon line is drawn at the correct distance, so ships less than 8km from you will look like they've not reached the horizon yet, where as ships more than 8km will look like they're "over" the horizon.
  • Better framerates. Yes, better! Contrary to my previous statements, this new version actually improves framerates rather than making them worse.
  • Slightly tweaked water reflection settings.
  • Subtle changes to the cloud and wave textures.
  • A global tweak to the waves: I've increased the "ChoppyWave" value from 0.03 to 0.04, which makes the water look better IMO (slightly more WAC-like). I stayed away from this setting in the past because I couln't be arsed to test it for adverse effects, but I've now tested various values of this setting and can confirm that it has no impact on sensors. It's impact on "physics" (ship motion/speed/sinking mechanics) is more difficult to determine, but I've noticed no obvious adverse effects even with large changes so I think the small increase from 0.03 to 0.04 is quite safe.
  • Fixes for some particle effects which were still suffering from the "glow in the dark" problem (with or without EDE).
  • Smaller map contact drawings for individual units. This makes it easier to see where individual units are, relative to your boat, and also means that single ships now look different to small convoys on the map.
  • The option to use the Longer Repair Times mod by nvdrfiter (v2.04 FULL is included in OLCG2 and has been modified for compatibility with OLC GUI).
The environment and the GUI are inseperable. I would like to have split them for this release but unfortunately the horizon improvements won't work very well without the "correctly rendered waves" trick used in my GUI, and of course the GUI requires the environment (as before) so the two mods are mutually dependent now, I'm afraid.

Please note that in order to accomodate some of the horizon changes, the maximum visibiliy was reduced a tiny bit (just a few hundred metres).

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