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Default SH3 Commander-The Complete Super Deluxe Thallium Commander's Special Ultimate Edition

Iambecomelife and Sailor Steve have managed to coerce me out of retirement for one more enhancement to SH3 Commander, which quickly turned into two, then three...

Anyway, here is SH3 Commander R3.2...

"The Complete Super Deluxe Thallium Commander's Special Ultimate Edition"

or "ComSupDelThalCommSpecUltEd" for short.

Key features:
  • ONE INSTALL FILE including the complete SH3 Commander 3.2 plus the latest SH3 Patrol Log Editor plug-in. No more need to download three separate files!
  • No more MIA officers! Simply open the Crew Manager and any displaced officers (like the one you always leave in the Repair compartment ) will automatically be found and returned snugly to where they belong.
  • You can now dismiss or replace crewmen through the Crew Manager. It will cost you renown just like it does in SH3, but your replaced crew may come with previous experience. Just a warning though, don't annoy BdU too much.
  • If you have the "Use real ship names" option selected you may notice a number of changes when you generate Personnel Files:
    • details now exist of the cargo carried, crew onboard and crew lost for each ship sunk. This simulates data gathered from survivors, radio intercepts and post patrol briefings. Thanks to Sailor Steve, bigboywooly and iambecomelife for the data.
    • better matching of a ship name to the ship class sunk. Sailor Steve has spent every waking minute mapping real merchant ship names to their corresponding ship classes. So now, for example, if you sink a C3 Cargo you will get a real C3 Cargo name rather than a name that may have belonged to a T2 Tanker.
  • Personnel Files now display as intended in non-IE browsers.
  • A tip screen that randomly displays over forty SH3 Commander usage tips. And by God you will read every one of them.

Example of a patrol log with cargo and crew details - in Mozilla Firefox! Other entries added via the SH3 Patrol Log Editor, now included in the SH3Cmdr package.

Installation instructions:
  1. Click here (BTS-mods), here (my server) or use SH3 Commander's "Updates" feature (these are the only "official" links).
  2. Select a folder into which to save the installation file. Remember this folder!
  3. Once downloaded, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder selected above.
  4. Find the file called "SH3Cmdr32.exe" and double-click on it.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and install SH3 Commander. If you are using MS Vista then pls pay particular attention to the Information screen!
  6. Once installed, select "Start->All Programs->SH3 Commander->SH3 Commander User Guide" and at least skim through all 30 pages. It is imperative that you do this IMMEDIATELY after you install SH3 Commander, otherwise SH3 Commander has been known to demagnatise your fridge magnets, kill your guppies and otherwise make your life hell.
  7. IF YOU RUN NYGM then after SH3 Commander is installed you will need to reinstall the specific SH3 Commander cfg files that ship with NYGM. Pls follow the NYGM instructions that you would have followed previously to (re)install those files.
  8. IF YOU RUN GWX 3 then after SH3 Commander is installed you will need to follow the steps outlined in THIS THREAD
  9. IF YOU RUN GWX 2.1 or earlier then after SH3 Commander is installed you will need to follow the BELOW instructions, as they are different to what is written in the GWX manual. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL LOSE SOME OF SH3 COMMANDER'S NEW FUNCTIONALITY! In addition, your computer will likely turn itself off and refuse to let you use it again.
    1. Either re-download or use Windows Explorer to find your copy of "".
    2. Using your favourite compression tool, unzip the contents of "" to a TEMPORARY folder - it does not matter where as long as it is NOT your SH3 Commander folder.
    3. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to where you just installed the files.
    4. DELETE "..\Cfg\Ship names.cfg".
    5. Move the remaining files from "\<your temp folder>\Cfg" to "\SH3 Commander\Cfg", overwriting the existing files.
    6. Pray to Jesus, Allah and/or Buddha that all has worked.
If these instructions sound condescending to you, then they are not meant for you. Indeed, you have prolly already successfully installed SH3 Commander.

If these instructions leave you confused, then perhaps it's best not to download. You wouldn't like it anyway.

Pls note that I DO NOT provide support for individual mods; any questions regarding compatibility or use with individual mods need to be raised with the respective modders. I also DO NOT provide technical support on how to download a file, use a mouse, open Windows Explorer, fix MS Vista etc.

Those of you who have been running the pre-release should redownload as this release has a few further enhancements.

Anyone hosting previous versions of either SH3 Commander or the SH3 Patrol Log Editor plug-in are asked to remove them to avoid inevitable confusion.
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SH3 Commander
Download the JSGME Generic Mod Enabler

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