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  User Name / Location Forums
Artur Salwarowski is offline Artur Salwarowski
cdrsubron7 is offline cdrsubron7
Carol Stream, IL
celeronpm is offline celeronpm
Brea, CA
Hitman is offline Hitman
Jimbuna is online now Jimbuna
250 metres below the surface
Julhelm is online now Julhelm
The Icy North
Killerfish Games is offline Killerfish Games
maslas is offline maslas
Athens, Greece
nihilcat is offline nihilcat
Onkel Neal is offline Onkel Neal
Cougar Trap, Texas
PanicEnsues is offline PanicEnsues
Southern California
PhantomLord is offline PhantomLord
Berlin, Germany
Polak is offline Polak
Sailor Steve is offline Sailor Steve
High in the mountains of Utah
sergbuto is offline sergbuto
Subsim Monitor  is offline Subsim Monitor
Dibden Purlieu - Southampton
Thresher is offline Thresher
New Mexico, USA
Typical Russian is offline Typical Russian
UglyMowgli is offline UglyMowgli
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Usurpator is offline Usurpator
v-i-c- is offline v-i-c-
Webster is offline Webster
Xaron is offline Xaron
Yattky is offline Yattky
Hyogo, Japan

  User Name / Location
Onkel Neal is offline Onkel Neal
Cougar Trap, Texas
Subsim Admin is offline Subsim Admin

Eternal Patrol
  User Name / Location
aanker is offline aanker
Yellow Sea
Abraham is offline Abraham
Akerberg is offline Akerberg
41.617-N 2.667-S
Average Joe is offline Average Joe
CanuckBoat is offline CanuckBoat
CaptainCruise is offline CaptainCruise
Long Island, New York...home of the 5 gallon economy bucket of "Cruiser's Crunchy Egg Salad"!!!
chuckbva is offline chuckbva
Eternal Patrol
desertstriker is offline desertstriker
mod soup bar and grill
Dustyboats is offline Dustyboats
Southampton. UK
Fish is offline Fish
Florida Sailor is offline Florida Sailor
Seffner, Florida
idtater is offline idtater
Kaluen Miechiel is offline Kaluen Miechiel
Winterset, Iowa. Before that, S.F. Bay Area
kiwi_2005 is offline kiwi_2005
Laufen zum Ziel is offline Laufen zum Ziel
Hiding on the bottom
leovampire is offline leovampire
Waterbury, CT. USA
Mush Martin is offline Mush Martin
oldpdb is offline oldpdb
rowi58 is offline rowi58
Snaptrap is offline Snaptrap
Alberta, Canada
U-Alucard is offline U-Alucard
UhUdieEule is offline UhUdieEule
Confoederatio Helvetica
Wedge1967 is offline Wedge1967
wetsuit is offline wetsuit

  User Name / Location
swdw is offline swdw

In the Brig
  User Name / Location
Marcus Patterson is offline Marcus Patterson

  User Name / Location
aapje88 is offline aapje88
flevoland, about 1.089km of brest france
Atributri74 is offline Atributri74
Bleiente is offline Bleiente
Brewtality is offline Brewtality
canimo is offline canimo
AM47 :^)
CarismaXL is offline CarismaXL
Cartman is offline Cartman
CastleBravo is offline CastleBravo
>>Repeat troll, different username.
Cdre Gibs is offline Cdre Gibs
>>>Keelhauled for abusive PM, rude remarks, repeated flaming. <<<
Cmdr Sheppard is offline Cmdr Sheppard
Contact is offline Contact
Banned for trolling
demowhc is offline demowhc
Diekent is offline Diekent
donots76 is offline donots76
Ezri is offline Ezri
Fahnenbohn is offline Fahnenbohn
Flamingboat is offline Flamingboat
New England
GakunGak is offline GakunGak
Serbia and Montenegro
Gary is offline Gary
GMU is offline GMU
Gunnodayak is offline Gunnodayak
Timisoara/Romania/Eastern Europe
Jeeve is offline Jeeve
Banned for piracy
kenkenfromhk is offline kenkenfromhk
>>>Keelhauled for racist remarks, rudeness, total disregard for decent behavior.<<<
Kormoran is offline Kormoran
Kptlt_Lynch is offline Kptlt_Lynch
In yer Oshunz - Sinkin' yer stuff.
Kurushio is offline Kurushio
lollerblader is offline lollerblader
Lynx2069 is offline Lynx2069
magicsub is offline magicsub
magicsub2 is offline magicsub2
Keelhauled once before, multiple reasons.
magicsub3 is offline magicsub3 is offline
midshipsnake is offline midshipsnake
milky12 is offline milky12
Montekidlo is offline Montekidlo
Narcosis is offline Narcosis
Banned for rudeness and vulgar images
owner20071963 is offline owner20071963
>>Keelhauled for spamming, trolling, baiting, and plain old crazy.
PapaKilo is offline PapaKilo
Behind Sonar Range
petherf is offline petherf
sailor_X is offline sailor_X
Sam_Dealy is offline Sam_Dealy
Shadow of HMSSE-17 is offline Shadow of HMSSE-17
Exiled for piracy
Silent_hunt is offline Silent_hunt
Cape Town, South Africa
Solace is offline Solace
SUBMAN0 is offline SUBMAN0
superkapu is offline superkapu
Swede is offline Swede
Banned for repeated racist remarks.
The Third Man is offline The Third Man
>>Banned for trolling, and returning to troll under new username.
thorn69 is offline thorn69
trollchi is offline trollchi
Troublous_Haze is offline Troublous_Haze
Underboot is offline Underboot
Wxman is offline Wxman
Warren, MI, United States of America

Radio Room Moderators
  User Name / Location
Hitman is offline Hitman
Jimbuna is online now Jimbuna
250 metres below the surface
NeonSamurai is offline NeonSamurai
Socialist Republic of Kanadia
Sailor Steve is offline Sailor Steve
High in the mountains of Utah
Subsim Monitor  is offline Subsim Monitor
u crank is online now u crank
Prince Edward Island
Webster is offline Webster

Radio Room Senior Moderators
  User Name / Location
Jimbuna is online now Jimbuna
250 metres below the surface
Sailor Steve is offline Sailor Steve
High in the mountains of Utah
u crank is online now u crank
Prince Edward Island

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