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TarJak 05-10-12 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly (Post 1882302)
Bah, two tries and both times disconnected from the server just after take off saying
I timed out. :nope:

Turn off your torrent DL's and porn feed. You'll have much more bandwidth then. :O:

HunterICX 05-10-12 06:13 PM

For me the Patch did great :yeah:
No crashes, played for about 2 hours non stop
Performance is good, no freezes and FPS stays good buzzing enemy bombers in a formation.

Shot down a Do-17 but do my poor management of my Spit I had to get a cold shower too :D


Oberon 05-10-12 06:54 PM

Great Success...

For me, the patch performance is...mixed. I think I'll need to dial back some of the graphics options because particles are a killer. When I nosed over at Hawkinge on RTB I fired the MGs into the ground and the dirt kicked up put my framerate riiiight down.

Herr-Berbunch 05-10-12 07:10 PM

Managed to get past the 20 minute mark, but then chased some wellingtons over to France and spun, irrecoverably, after my third pass. With the Channel filling my view I jettisoned the canopy, nearly recovered and then lost it again, bailed. As I slowly drifted downward I suddenly heard a noise and another 109 shot past, then I heard him coming again.

Here he is, I like to think he noted my position and sent for help -

I've a few issues still, I can still see a faint horizon through the front panel. Nose above the horizon I get no prop blur, but below I do. And undercarriage when t/o from the aerodrome to the East of Calais is like jelly, it veers to the left, left wing down all the way down the runway (or nearly on the runway) and if I'm lucky enough to make it off the ground for the first few feet it still makes the same noise as along the ground. :hmmm: Still, it's only a beta-beta patch :doh:

HunterICX 05-10-12 07:32 PM

These are the settings I run CloD at:

Intel Quad Q9400 2.66ghz
4Gb Ram
HD5850 1Gb
Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate


Oberon 05-10-12 07:53 PM

Danke, I'll copy those tomorrow/today and see how performance goes.

GSpector 05-10-12 08:39 PM

The only problem I seem to have is with my "Saitek ST290 Pro" Joystick. When I fire the Machine guns, a few times I have to pull the trigger a few times just to get them to stop firing.

I may just need to take it apart and clean it out. which for me is great news. I just love having a reason to take things apart :D

TarJak 05-12-12 01:12 AM

Some undedited shots from an ATAG sortie early in the morning post Alpha patch.

hawk2495 05-12-12 02:53 AM

My first attempts at landing a Pony....

Not too terrible all in all.

Oberon 05-12-12 05:43 AM

I've seen...or should I say...done...a lot worse than that. Good landing all in all. Did you bend the carriage on landing or did it not fully deploy?

HunterICX 05-12-12 10:12 AM

It's a Good morning:

While enjoying the scenery I noticed that pesky 110's where bothering our shipping:

Took down one, had a bit of a fight with the other and both got away slightly scratched:

This...Mein Freund is but a scratch:


hawk2495 05-12-12 04:19 PM

Well that's one of the things that happens when you bring her in just a little bit hot. I think I was still at 120 IAS when my wheels touched for the first time. She bounced hard three times before the UC gave out, and I just skidded down the runway. Just before I came to a complete-ish stop she nosed forward, and that was the end of my flight. Still a lot of fun.

Dowly 05-13-12 12:40 PM

Another day, another sortie. Came home with yet another Blennie downed.

GSpector 05-13-12 07:21 PM

Wow Dowly, that actually looks like a model. Very nice effect. :yeah:

HunterICX 05-14-12 02:55 AM

Very nice :yeah:


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