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[501]Otto 03-06-12 06:00 PM

Herr-Berbunch 03-07-12 09:30 AM

Your usual high standard :yeah:

Here's the reason we use Night Vision equipment -

TarJak 03-07-12 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by Schroeder (Post 1850694)

Meine Deutsch ist hesslich!:oops:

Rilder 03-08-12 12:24 AM

Gotten kinda back into IL-2 1946 lately, especially because of Jefmajor's let's play of it.

Anyways: Oh gods why are they making me fly when its like this outside. :dead:

Russian Bombers have a tendency to troll me and explode in my face, taking out my engine.

Kptlt. Neuerburg 03-08-12 12:28 AM

Diary of Group Captian Greeing, 303 Polish Squadron R.A.F.
6 September 1940.

This moring we recived news that something big, really big was expected but no-one knew when or where it would come from.

Operations has got a call from Group, radar reports a massive fromation of enemy aircraft forming up in the Calais area and are heading NNW towards London. We where ordered to take off and get up to 22,000ft.
The German formation heads across the Channel.

We assembled for a quick breifing from the CO. "We know that this large formation is heading for London. It is your job to get up there and shoot down as many of the Hun bombers as possible before they get to their target. There will be other fighter groups in the air. Remember this is the largest raid to date that the Luftwaffe has sent up. If your plane does get shot down try to crash land so it can be repaired, if not well I hope all of you have been brushing up on your English. Now off you go then!!"

We got in our Hurricanes and started up. After checking to make sure everything was working we taxied and took off.

After orbiting the suburbs of London for several minutes I began to hear the radio suddenly come alive with shouts of "109s!!, and fighters,3 o' clock high!". I was constantly looking about wondering where the hell these fighters where, then suddenly at my 12 o' clock I see a HUGE formation of planes heading towards us.
The first enemy bombers are sighted.

As we move in closer the dots, grow larger and larger until I see that these planes are He-111s. I quickly order my wingmen to split up and attack the Hun bombers. We yell our battle cry "Dla Polski!!!" For Poland, to which we recived a curt reply "Slience in Polish!!!".

I watch as the bomber formation passes, then I turned and climbed to get on the tail of one of the He-111s. I move my Hurricane left and right to thow off the gunners aim. I fire a four second burst in the bomber, the Hurricanes eight .303 machine guns spark to life. I raked the bomber from right to left, killling the top gunner and smoked both engines. The bomber shutters as it falls out of the formation.
One of the He-111s to fall from the Hurricanes of 303 Sqdn.

As I turn to engage another 111 I can still hear though the radio the dogfight that is going one else where over Southern England. I think of what sort of hell it must be for those other pilots who are dueling in the air. Soon I'm bought back into my own fight, my Hurricane is rattled by the top gunner of another 111 at my 1 o' clock low. I turn and dive again raking the from side to side, he too falls away. I roll left and target another 111, damaging his left engine which begins to trail smoke.

I dive below him and to the right, I then spot another 111 climbing and turning to the right. So I follow, I press the trigger on the stick. The 111s right engine begins the trail thick grey smoke. I move to fire at the left engine but then nothing. Out of ammunition, I roll upside down and dive away. Else where the battle still rages and it almosts seems like we're losing the fight.
Else where the battle rages.
Through all the chatter,screaming and yelling on the radio, I make contact with my wingmen. My number two has claimed 3 ememy bombers and another 3 damaged, number three reports that he got 2-4 enemy bombers but his engine was badly shot up and had to RTB. Number four was missing and neither of the two who where still flying had seen him go down. I became worried about what had happened to him.

I'm finally back on the ground and intact. So myself and my wingmen went to get debrifed. I had claimed four He-111s shot down, my number two reported 3 downed,3 damaged, and my number three claimed 2 downed. I also reported that one pilot was missing and presumed lost.

Just as I finished speaking the telephone rang. "Kellett here. Yes. What do you mean, you have one of our chaps down there? Who? Grzeszczak? Yes we have a man by that name. He's where?! At the Sevenoaks police station, what on Earth is he doing there?! A farmer with a pitchfork brought him in hum? Claimed he was a German, 'cause he didn't speak English proper.. Yes,yes we'll send someone for him. Good bye."

"Well Greeing, it seems that a farmer found your missing wingman. Dismissed."


I look back at the events of today and have for the first time realized how quickly combat goes by. We got lucky today, but tomorrow it could all end. One just never knows.....

[501]Otto 03-08-12 03:14 PM

That night vision shot is a bgeauty, Herr B.
Just an English bomber

Hope you like it, cheers:
Otto ;)

Herr-Berbunch 03-08-12 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by [501]Otto (Post 1851924)
That night vision shot is a beauty, Herr B.

Thanks, although when I got home and viewed it at night the left shot suddenly seems so much brighter and full of more detail than I intended in my sunny office. :-? Squint a bit, it's fine.

Herr-Berbunch 03-08-12 07:10 PM

Herr-Berbunch 03-09-12 09:53 AM

More piddling about with PS - inspiration to cartoonify from TarJak :up:

TarJak 03-10-12 08:25 AM

Nice work sir.

Feet wet over the Channel

[501]Otto 03-10-12 04:27 PM

It is a real beauty, TJ. Nicely done, mate.
A quick one, not really good but....

Speed over Irak

Hope you like it, cheers:
Otto :03:

Jimbuna 03-10-12 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by [501]Otto (Post 1853158)
It is a real beauty, TJ. Nicely done, mate.
A quick one, not really good but....

Speed over Irak

Hope you like it, cheers:

Otto :03:

That's definitely a 'keeper' Otto :cool:

Oberon 03-11-12 09:09 AM

Indeed, very nice Lakenheath Eagle there. :yeah:

[501]Otto 03-12-12 09:13 AM

Thanks gents :oops:

Hope you like it, cheers:
Otto ;)

Schroeder 03-12-12 01:10 PM

That one is awesome.:up:

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