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GSpector 10-09-10 02:09 AM

Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

But I agree, in real life, you probably should have dumped the load :03:

HunterICX 10-09-10 03:22 AM



Arclight 10-09-10 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by GSpector (Post 1511635)
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.

But I agree, in real life, you probably should have dumped the load :03:

The weird thing is I actually had a faint idea on how to do it.


Originally Posted by HunterICX (Post 1511650)


Well it bit me on the ass; couldn't sleep last night as my head kept swirling with CICU, CDU, EGI, SAS, IFFCC, JTRS, TGP, CMS, etc. :damn:

Wake up sweating and screaming "MFCD!". :lol:

TarJak 10-11-10 08:25 AM

II/JG53 mission:

Arclight 10-11-10 06:34 PM

Litening is watching you.

Live-fire range, attempt #1:
I'll need some gum, 2 rubber bands and a pencil.

CCIP 10-13-10 12:49 PM

A little A-4 action from a (highly modded) Strike Fighters Vietnam mission...

Coming off the carrier... decent weather enroute!

Meeting up with the package:

Snakeyes ready for action:


On the way back home, bumping into a stray bandit.

A real risk taking on a MiG when you're driving a Scooter...

...but it pays off after a few minutes of turning!

Now that's what I like to see in my rear view mirror :D

Carrier in sight, everything ready for landing.

Good trap!

Arclight 10-13-10 03:47 PM

Awesome. Must say I'm partial to the vietnam era and carrier ops. :yeah:

Arclight 10-21-10 11:05 AM
Quiet you...
Shut up!
You little...

hawk2495 10-21-10 09:26 PM

Not sure why, but I feel I should throw in my lot.. Here goes..

A face only her crew chief and pilot would love.. A face all of her enemies fear.

Now that's a nice piece of tail....:salute:

Oh look, my wing's gone, and it's.. on.. fire.. There goes my insurance.

I see you....

Thank you for following me into my A-10 madness..

TarJak 10-28-10 08:34 AM

P-38 Guncam Footage:

TarJak 10-29-10 03:50 PM

P-51 guncam footage:

CCIP 11-15-10 01:06 PM

Couple more of my recent E-jet operations:

landing at KATL

quiet morning

Finals at CYYZ

CCIP 11-17-10 02:22 AM

A few shots of acknowledgement to my low-poly friends (i.e. AI traffic) in various locations in North America...

TarJak 11-17-10 06:20 AM

A two part movie of a recent II/JG53 sortie:

Part one

Part two

Castout 11-25-10 09:39 PM

From Free Falcon 5.5.3. The most stable and most enjoyable Free Falcon I've ever played.

Aye the original was a man's simulator and not by all means a kid's game and now it has been vastly improved. It's a real man's flying sim. :O:

I just love those Vipers! US had it right with the Viper. It's the most beautiful single engine plane ever.
It's almost a porn looking at it.

For the most beautiful twin engine fighter I must give the credit to the Russians for their Flanker.

Anyway here's the vipers(look at the curves...oh what a porn LOL). It's amazing the terrain still looking fantastic while they have minimum 3D models on them(note the city view). Ah they used to make really terrific games then.

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