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Kratos 11-19-07 03:00 PM

Some caps from last nights 1st sortie..

Kratos gets a kill

Dowly finishing what he started

Hunter decides to go head prizes for guessing what happens next

And Dowly does his victory dance going back to base ..

I'll try and find the trk for the second sortie ;)

Dowly 11-19-07 03:12 PM

Aah, so it was Hunter who crashed to the AI. I flew right past him just after he did it. I though it was an AI vs. AI. Oh well. ;)

Jimbuna 11-19-07 03:55 PM


I see you finally achieved what you have been after for a while now....a lookalike avatar of your favourite group...Village People :p

Pleased for ya mate ;)

Kratos 11-19-07 04:32 PM

Jimbuna 11-19-07 04:53 PM

NiclDoe 11-19-07 06:25 PM

and that was why Hunter was complaing about that. :88)

XabbaRus 11-19-07 07:14 PM

Well I should be online tomorrow night so even more fun. Would be good if we could get 8 ro so of us up there duking it out in a free for all dogfight, no sides.

Stealth Hunter 11-24-07 08:53 PM

Well, my current Luftwaffe pilot (1943; Afrika Corps) is out for the moment due to wounds sustained during a dogfight.:shifty:

Got 6 planes in it, though, but we lost 2 pilots due to British flak.

Well, it happens, AND it happenED.

Dowly 11-29-07 09:02 AM

Shots from sortie #1 from last night with HunterICX & Kratos.

Target was an formation of 4 IL2s + it's 4 escorts.

First pass by Dowly

2nd pass, Dowly & HunterICX

HunterICX delivers his blow

Dowly & IL2 having an argument on who goes first.

But we made a fair deal. I exhanged one of my tail wings to his right wing.

Dowly scoring a kill

HunterICX and a Russian IL2

After the IL2s were downed, we concentrated on to the escorts.

HunterICX and his pursuer followed by his pursuer

HunterICX fleeing the crimescene.

Aand now to the landings. The recorded tracks sometimes fail to see the damage on the planes and this was the case on Kratos' plane, every part possible was filled with gaping holes, must've been a bitch to land.

Kratos has landed

Accompanied by Dowly

HunterICX landing the only successfull landing of the sortie

Coming up on sortie #2:

We take on Pe-2's and afterwards the Ferret decides it's an wise decision to go get the fighters over the enemy airfield.

Biggles 11-29-07 09:05 AM

"HunterICX landing the only successfull landing of the sortie"

I firmly refuse to believe that....:p

Dowly 11-29-07 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Biggles
"HunterICX landing the only successfull landing of the sortie"

I firmly refuse to believe that....:p

Well, in sortie #3 he was back to being himself. He was flying Stuka and as he strafed, his gears hit the ground, leaving him without any for the landing. So he had to use the cannons installed under the wings as a reserve gears. :rotfl:

Dowly 11-29-07 09:43 AM

Okie, sortie #2.

Target: 4 unescorted Pe-2s.

The Pe-2s were taken care quickly, 2 kills for HunterICX and 2 for Dowly.

Then we headed for the enemy airfield where there was bunch of La-5's giving hard time to our comrades.

As one can see from the chat-box, everyone was very confident of our success. :p

The situation few minutes after we entered the battle:

XabbaRus 11-29-07 11:52 AM

Very nice
Hunter did Dowly make you that nice custom skin...

Would like one too... :) Haven't decided on the colour. I'll join you tonight, was out of action last night with man flu.

Dowly 11-29-07 12:02 PM

Yeh, made him the skin. Get on line and take a number. And while you're at it, clean your PM box, it's full. :p

No, seriously, just tell the colors you want for the nose & fuselage and I'll do it. :up:

XabbaRus 11-29-07 03:11 PM

PM sent

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