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Bullethead 03-25-2011 03:49 PM

News Alert
In case anybody here as been wondering, the lastest installment of the Jutland series will be released in the next couple days. This expansion pack (you must have the basic Jutland game to play it) covers 1915, wherein many older ships were still part of the active fleets and the newer ships were being reifitted with modern fire control. Also included are most fo the German armored cruisers, even if most of them were dead or in the Baltic in 1915. They're included to make "what-if" scenarios.

In addition, SES has opened its own official forum, which you can find at:

Subsim has treated us very well so getting our own forum has nothing to do with how things have gone here. SES has nothing but good to say about our relationship with Subsim and its members. However, the time has finally come for us to have an official forum. We will be maintaining our forum here, but I won't be checking nearly as frequently as I have been (nearly every day up til now).

Bullethead 04-01-2011 09:45 PM

Ship Pack 2 Released
Howdy All-

Jutland's 2nd Ship Pack--Dogger Bank--has been released. This adds over 250 new ships to the game plus campaigns set in 1915. NOTE: requires first downloading our new StormPowered front end.

johnnyseven 07-10-2011 02:29 AM

Stormpowered update caused me to lose JUTLAND
Ahem....I will try again......After updating JUTLAND (which I have played successfully for the past 2 years,) I have been unable to access it since I updated to STORMPOWER. I have read the FAQ (re: FRAMEnet!? All three tickets to support have been un-answered. I have never lost a paid-for game via update before. Am seeking guidance. My JUTLAND Pro-Edition is missing . Is there anybody out there with advise or guidance? Signed....shipless in Canada,

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