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Usurpator 09-16-22 05:31 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week we have been mopping up the last few bugs, and a new build will be made available on the beta branch next week. If there are no major issues with it, we will move it to the default branch. We have also begun implementing the interactive diesel and electric engines. Koji has been modeling the last pieces of the radio room and Axel is working on the netcode.

Usurpator 09-23-22 09:47 AM

Hello everyone! This week we have been working on the interactive diesel and electric engines. The diesel engine is almost done - all the controls work as they should, but it lacks sound effects and polish. The e motor is still under development. Einar has been remodeling the clutches for both engines so that they can be operated, and moved some stuff around to increase playability.
Axel has been fixing issues related to connecting players getting stuck in infinite loops, and an issue with disconnected players getting stuck on the server.

Usurpator 09-30-22 06:27 AM

Version 0.26 is now live on the main branch!
Hello everyone!

Version 0.26 is now live on the main branch. This week we've been working on the interactive E-motors. It's looking pretty good!

Check out the Steam page for more information:

Usurpator 10-07-22 12:03 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has worked on the electric motors, making them interactive and adding animations, labels and light sources. The motors are now fully interactive, but most of the underlying sub-systems do not yet work.
Einar has been rearranging and creating additional assets in the diesel engine room related to the new clutch system.
Axel has updated documentation, fixed an issue related to password requests from the server and has been authoring some unit tests for next week.
Koji is dealing with some technical issues right now, but he'll be back on track finishing up the radio equipment as soon as possible.

Usurpator 10-14-22 12:43 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week we've put more work in to the interactive electric motors and diesel engines. Most of the systems are now in place. The engines and motors can be started and turned off, the speed can be adjusted, the clutches can be engaged/disengaged and the EOTs now function in a realistic manner.

Axel has been writing unit tests, doing multi-client testing and correcting some minor issues discovered in relation to said tests. Koji is researching the sonar room equipment. He will start working on the sonar room after the radio room is finished.

Screenshots of the new clutch controls:

Usurpator 10-21-22 01:02 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has worked on the battery charging procedure, and the interaction between the diesel and electrical system. Einar has made a battery capacity meter. Axel fixed an issue related to some test implementations and is currently looking into some UI quality of life improvements and related issues.

Usurpator 10-28-22 01:53 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has continued working on the electrical system. The new electrical system will take the load of the motors and lights into account. Next week Einar will start working on the fuse rooms in the galley and outside the radio room. We have also added the new battery meters and a compass to the e motor room.
Axel has been working on UI concepts and menu prototypes, as well as some UX features, some interface color palettes and other smaller items. Koji is working on textures for the new radio equipment.

Usurpator 11-04-22 10:13 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week we've made further improvements to the electrical system. Voltage regulators for each of the batteries are now functional. One is located on the left panel in the aft torpedo room and the second one on a separate panel in the control room. They will be used for regulating the power directed to the U-boats interior lights. The fuse rooms are modeled and will soon be implemented.

Axel has been doing more work on UI and UX, mostly focusing on completing menu structures and setting up prototypes for the main menu, lobby menu and options menu. Coming up now is work on buttons, sliders and UI sound effects. Koji is finishing up more radio equipment.

Usurpator 11-11-22 12:07 PM

Hello everyone! This week we have added the circuit breakers for the starboard and port engine. We have also been adding more features and complexity to both the diesel engine and the electrical motors.

Usurpator 11-18-22 10:57 AM

Weekly updates
Hello everyone!

This week we have finished work on the electric motors. This includes fixing bugs, tuning variables and adding sound effects. We have also modified the EOTs to incorporate the much requested dive command, and added new lights to the control room and diesel room. Next week we will be working on the diesel engines.
Axel has made more progress on the menu structures and Koji is working on completing the remaining radio units.

Usurpator 11-25-22 11:59 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week we have been working on the diesel room. Einar has been making some adjustments to the engine model, and Oscar has made the air intake and exhaust vents interactive, and added the dive safety panel.

This week a problem with the network protocol was revealed, and we have begun solving the problem. The update will be rolled out as soon as possible.

Axel has been working on more UI elements, mostly focusing on the U-boat bunker menu this week as well as refining some audio UX. Focus next week will be on integrating the chat, as well as wrapping up some elements still unfinished in the options menu.

Onkel Neal 11-26-22 11:58 AM

One nice feature Oscar and Einar thought up: The straight handle on these valves will be folded up when the valve is open, and hanging down when they are closed. :up:

Usurpator 12-02-22 03:33 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has continued working on the network fix, and we expect it to be finished some time next week. Afterwards we will continue working on the diesel engines. We've changed the portable lamps for a more authentic look and added a few more of them.
Axel has continued work on menus and UX. The U-boat pen menu has been completed and current focus is the end-screen menus. Next week he'll be working on the workshop and editor menus. Koji has made progress with the radio equipment, finalizing several new units.

Usurpator 12-09-22 05:13 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has built a log system to prevent griefing. The log will show who used a system last, and will be available both during the match and after the match has ended. The new system also writes out who uses guns and torpedoes in the chat.
Einar is adding more equipment to the conning tower.

Axel has finished nearly all prototype panels, the mission editor and victory screens being the last remaining two not yet completed - the plan for next week is user testing of the new menues, as well as planning the integration.
Koji is working on the remaining dials for the radio equipment.

Usurpator 12-16-22 03:03 PM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Oscar has been working more on anti griefing and anti cheating measures. Einar has been working on improvements to the conning tower, modeling additional gauges, voicepipes and more.

Axel has pushed the first iteration of the new user interface to the testers, and is in the process of collecting feedback and sorting issues. Koji has finished modeling several new assets for the radio room.

The work on the interactive engine compartments is underway. We know that this patch is highly anticipated, and we had hoped to release it before Christmas. However, the patch has been delayed, and we will release it in early 2023 instead.

Usurpator 12-23-22 09:41 AM

Happy holidays!
Hello, everyone!

First of all, we would like to wish you happy holidays, and a great new year!
We would also like to extend a special thanks to our testers, and the community at large for your positive attitudes and your constant encouragement of this project.

2022 has been a massive year in terms of Wolfpacks development, and while the new features have yet to reach you - don't worry, they are just around the corner!
For early 2023 we are looking at a massive patch, with tons of new and exciting features that will radically transform the way you play Wolfpack!

Once again, we wish you the happiest of holidays, and a happy new year!

The Wolfpack Team

Usurpator 01-06-23 10:03 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

The holidays are now over and we are back working as usual. The log system developed to prevent griefing and cheating was almost finished in December, but there are still a few more things to sort out. We are currently giving this high priority, and as soon as it is finished we will make the final additions to the diesel engines.

Koji has moved on from the radio room and is now working on updating the sonar room. Einar is working on improvements to the conning tower, adding missing gauges and other details. Axel has continued working on the next iteration of the menues. He is currently looking at re-working some modules, as well as adding selectors to categories and adding the first iteration of audio ux.

Usurpator 01-13-23 11:21 AM

Weekly update
Hello everyone!

Work on the diesel engines continues. Oscar has implemented gauges which measures individual cylinder pressure. He also created a flame for the check valves.
Axel has reworked the modules from last week, and has reworked some problematic areas. He has also started to look into introducing better icons where needed to improve the user experience. Unfortunately audio did not get done and had to be postponed to the coming week.
Einar is creating new assets for the conning tower and Koji is modeling equipment for the sonar room.

skin-nl 01-16-23 01:51 PM

This looks AWESOME :o

von faust 01-17-23 07:12 AM

Excuse me for my english, I use Google translator ;-)
When will you start developing the possibility of longer missions? I'm not saying real SH5-style campaigns but at least missions that include a quadrant achievement phase to patrol, a departure from an harbour, a navigation and hunting phase (with the possibility to save the mission?). This would also make more sense to the amazing work you have done on diesels and electrics. Be positioned immediately in the vicinity of the convoy, sinking the sinkable and ending the mission is a bit limiting.
Thank you for your wonderful work !!!

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