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Chock 08-13-07 10:41 AM


WHAT, No Blackbird listed
Actually I have got the Just Flight SR-71, but it is FS9 and not FSX. As far as I'm aware, there is no patch to make it FSX compatible.

:D Chock

GSpector 08-13-07 10:08 PM

Wow, a Blackbird :up:

I only have FS9 :yep:

How does it look and fly at Mach 3+?

Chock 08-13-07 10:14 PM

Check the SR-71 out here, lots of screenshots:

It's a very impressive add-on, especially if you want to go across the Atlantic in less than two hours, and it is a hell of a lot easier to fly than the add-on Concorde from the same developer :up:

:D Chock

Camaero 08-13-07 10:29 PM

That is such an amazing plane. Looks like Just Flight did a nice job on her.... Where is one for FSX?

GSpector 08-14-07 12:20 AM

Wow, I was very impressed with the lighting effects of the "tiger stripes" coming out the engines. The grey heat resistant tires and chute were a great touch.

I was disapointed that the max speed was only Mach 3.3 but I guess it will do:roll:

It was nice to see 4 models included. I would have liked to have seen a YF-12a with AIM rockets just for fun but I think I will be looking for this item along with the F-117a they have when I am able to get them.


HunterICX 08-14-07 03:52 AM

I've seen a Documentary about the blackbird a while ago
really a amazing plane.

I think in combat that baby is hard to track :yep:

Jimbuna 08-14-07 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by HunterICX
I've seen a Documentary about the blackbird a while ago
really a amazing plane.

I think in combat that baby is hard to track :yep:

Some info: :up:

Chock 08-14-07 04:14 PM

The good thing about Just Flight stuff, is that when you buy their products online, you get points on your account with them, and you can spend those points on more stuff from them, even ending up with free stuff if you buy one or two things. Look out for their regular 'sales' too, often on a Monday.

If you are into learning to fly for a PPL, they have a package which works in FS8, FS9 and FSX too, called 'Flying Club'. It has a lot of the typical aircraft you fly when learning for a PPL, so it's a nice one to have if you'd like to familiarise yourself with many of the typical flight school types of aircraft. The aircraft all run great too, with very fast frame rates. Here are the Cessna 152 and PA38 Tomahawk from that package pictured below.

The Flying Club add-on also has a nice utility that comes with it, which will let you put a picture of yourself on the pilot figure, as I have done here, so that's my ugly mug in these two aeroplanes!

:D Chock

porphy 08-16-07 04:42 AM

Just a small contribution from EECH 1.9 Looks good!

Dowly 08-19-07 01:38 PM

A quickie

Seeadler 08-20-07 05:02 PM

Hurrican Dean in ActiveSkyX

Oberon 08-20-07 05:35 PM

Hmmmm :hmm:

P3 Orion...straight to the core!!

You know you want to do it :up:

Great pic by the way Dowly!! :rock: :rock:

HunterICX 08-20-07 05:39 PM

silly question: do those hurricanes shown in that really show up IN-Game?

Chock 08-21-07 01:01 AM

yes, the hurricanes are there, FSX has much more realistic weather capabilities

:D Chock

GSpector 08-21-07 02:18 AM

I'm sure FSX has much better graphics but doesn't FS9 also allow real world weather. I'm sure it does. I'm sure I used it when I had it on my system

If anyone uses FS9, any chance someone could check this out to see what the storm looks like in FS9?

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