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Dowly 07-06-07 09:37 AM

Great B17 II pics, Chock!! :rock: I love the B17 II and also the oooold B17 I. Great games! :up:

Chock 07-06-07 12:23 PM

Just in case you were wondering what happened to Brest ...

Muhaha - we laugh at your puny Earthling attempts to destroy us!

Dowly 07-06-07 01:34 PM

Btw, Chock. That aint the Brest Uboat base, right? But the Brest harbor. Isnt the two separate in B17 II? As I remember having the uboat base as secondary target. ;)

Chock 07-06-07 02:37 PM

Yup, it aint the U-Boat Pens, and even if it had been the U-Boat Pens, those bombs probably wouldn't have damamged the subs in real life.

:D Chock

johan_d 07-07-07 09:55 AM

Cool shots!

But I stick with my PMDG 747-400

Johan (old PSS member)

Chock 07-07-07 11:41 AM

Yup the PMDG 747 is without doubt THE best PC-based simulation of an aircraft ever, gotta love that thing. Trouble is, it aint up and running for FSX yet though is it? I shall certainly be buying it (AGAIN) when they manage to get it into FSX.

:D Chock

Chock 07-07-07 08:38 PM

But before Boeing made the 747, they made this baby, which is even cooler, especially when you are smuggling and flying below the Radar to avoid customs!

:D Chock

STEED 07-08-07 11:40 AM

Not the plane the colour of it. :lol:

Seeadler 07-08-07 02:06 PM

DeHavilland Beaver DHC2

DeHavilland Vampire T11

XabbaRus 07-09-07 05:46 PM

A series from a mission I just completed.
Bombers make the strike.

Hunting down a Bf-110.

Kill for the Rodina.

Closing in on wounded prey.

Close for the kill.

Closing in to finish the job.

Seeadler 07-10-07 02:12 PM

LOL, I did a test flight in FSX over New York at the Dec. 31 around 23:59 and saw some fireworks effects near the Liberty Statue:D

XabbaRus 07-10-07 03:28 PM

That is cool.

Jimbuna 07-11-07 05:42 AM

@XabbaRus.....great sequence :rock: shot mate :up:

HunterICX 07-11-07 05:35 PM

HunterICX reports on Deck...sort off

Chock 07-11-07 07:32 PM

Actually, considering the wing damage (assuming it was like that before you landed), it's a good landing.

:D Chock

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