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fatty 10-21-07 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by Steel_Tomb
Thanks Chock, is it only avaliable online? Or can I get it in places such as GAME/gamestation? If your up for a flight I might give you a call lol, love carrier traps! Bring on the corsairs! Are there F4's??

Are there F4s, he asks :rotfl:

XabbaRus 10-21-07 02:11 PM

So if you have WOV adn then get WOE can you port aircraft between the two?

fatty 10-21-07 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by XabbaRus
So if you have WOV adn then get WOE can you port aircraft between the two?

I don't know but I assume so. If not you can download add-on aircraft for sure. There is a user-made campaign for Wings Over Vietnam called "Vietnam '84" and as the name implies it is a sort of modern campaign set in Indochina and includes F-14s, F-18s, etc etc.

There is no shortage of add-ons for any of the Third Wire games, whether they be new planes, skins, terrain, or campaigns. I just wrapped up a campaign in Wings Over Europe flying RCAF F-86 Sabres over Germany in 1962.

Kapitan 10-21-07 04:41 PM

Just submitting this old pic i have from FS2004, this was a routine flight from EGLL london heathrow to KJFK new york kennady airport, en route i flew over manchester to join NAT trach "C" (Charlie) which would put me about 150 miles away from iceland.

Following that id later fly down through the canadian cost into new york where i was stacked for over and hour!

But heres the shot.

Chock 10-21-07 04:58 PM


Are there F4's??
Here's a couple of screenshots of the WOV and WOE installation folders, note that some of these are add-ons that aren't as standard with it, but it gives you an idea how many Phantoms there are in it, so I think you'll be happy with WOV for a start!

:D Chock

TarJak 11-04-07 01:02 AM

Blue bird over the white cliffs of Dover:

HunterICX 11-04-07 05:07 PM

HunterICX + Vietnam = a new era to crashland planes :lol:

''the Introduction''

Chock 11-04-07 08:06 PM

Some screenshots of the Shockwave P-40
Currently reviewing this for Avsim, thought you might like some of the screenshots. It's about to get a glowing review by the way, as it is very nice indeed, spectacularly good audio and flight model, and lots of really nice touches, such as the animated pilot's goggles sliding up onto his flight helmet when the speed slows down.

:D Chock

HunterICX 11-05-07 05:02 AM

:cool: looks good , chock
doest it flies as good as it looks?

but...dont make ''Kratos'' drool a lot I hate to mob this floor again :lol:
(yep, he's a P40 nutta)

Kratos 11-05-07 08:30 AM

Yep a sure do like p40's .. they look very good Chock

Chock 11-05-07 11:34 AM


:cool: looks good , chock
doest it flies as good as it looks?
It most certainly does fly very well indeed, I think Shockwave might have done their best one ever with this. The engine sounds (recorded from a real one, which they had unlimited access to) are absolutely brilliant, and it adds tremendously to the feeling of flying it, which is good, because it's got one of those flight models that makes you want to 'buzz the tower' a lot, if you know what I mean.

I've been testing their 'you can fly it by the book' claim, by actually doing that, as I bought a copy of the original P-40 pilot's manual for that exact purpose. And I have to say, they are not lying, you really can.

Seriously recommend giving this one a try, about the only downside is that there aren't many variants included in the package, but that's a minor quibble.

If this, and BoB2 are any indication of what their forthcoming AVG combat flight simulation is going to be like, I imagine we are in for a real treat.

:D Chock

HunterICX 11-06-07 05:40 PM

Falcon 4 AF
got it, and immediatly after the first training flight I had to get rid of that ugly stock skin, ow..and the fact..this game contains tooooo many buttons :o
I managed to block my gears already, pressed the wrong button that stops my engines...ehmm..what more...yeah..the governement is going to send me a bill for the 3 F16's I already wrecked :lol: well its now the days of Reading the manual and do a training mission.

Kratos 11-06-07 06:16 PM

I thought you went on vacation to the manual

Chock 11-06-07 10:10 PM

I'd recommend reading the tactical lessons in the Falcon manual, they are some of the best for any flight sim ever. After that, I'd recommend flying some missions where you just use one weapon only, such as a Wild Weasel strike with anti-radar missiles and no possibility of having to engage aircraft, for example. That way you can learn one weapon well; you can use the campaign to set up such a mission and give yourself an escort to keep the MiGs off you. After you have that weapon sussed, do the same with another weapon etc, etc. If you adopt that approach, you'll find it is easier to take everything in and learn all the different launch and radar modes without getting overloaded with learning curves.

:D Chock

Stealth Hunter 11-06-07 11:10 PM

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