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Castout 12-23-10 03:47 AM

Tanker escort mission

Edit: I scrapped the Viper's tail upon touchdown :-) reckless me . . . . thought I had it in shallow angle...I'm always a bit distracted by the flight cue on landing.....

Highbury 12-26-10 02:09 PM

Experimenting with Real Environment X for FSX.

CC-138 Twin Otter. Dawn of Dec 25th over Yellowknife, N.W.T.

CF-18 over Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Sunset Dec 25th.

yubba 12-28-10 09:27 PM

Mmmmmm where could they be ?

Schwieger 12-29-10 02:05 AM

A little MiG fun :)

Bort 01-01-11 05:28 AM

A few shots from a nice little VFR cruise in an American Aerolites Falcon.

Took off from Bankstown YSBK outside of Sydney at Dawn and started flying towards the city.
A nice view from the cockpit and sunrise.
A look at the bird.
Sunrise behind the skyline.
View off the left wing.

Had a great time just flying around the city. :yeah:

P.S. TrackIR just makes things so much better.

yubba 01-02-11 04:11 PM

now that's what I'm talking about.:rock:

TarJak 01-04-11 07:32 AM

@Bort; Nice shots of my home town.:salute:

Korea in IL-2

HunterICX 01-15-11 12:48 PM

Some shots of yesterday's DCS game with Me, Arc and TF who joined later:

Me and Arc taking off:

and some in flight shots


Highbury 01-15-11 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by TarJak (Post 1566273)
@Bort; Nice shots of my home town.:salute:

Here's a couple more for you :up:

And a little trainer at BTCS Tamworth

Australia is a great country for flying. :cool:

Oberon 01-16-11 04:15 PM

I shall have to hop over to Oz sometime and have a play.


A beautiful aircraft, just back from a quick circuit around the airfield, bit of a heavy landing, but she forgave me, rain started just as I'd taxi'd up and was shutting down. Brilliant timing. :yeah:

Arclight 01-16-11 09:44 PM
Escort mission. Great succes.
Mission to destroy enemy camp. Not so succesfull.
Me biting the dust first, never saw it coming till that last split second. Actually got hit again, at which point I bailed out.
Wingman getting "lucky".
Wingman having a bad day, but good ejection.

HunterICX 01-17-11 04:19 AM

Ain't that a stinker, seeying the projectile that's about to hit you at the very last moment.


Arclight 01-17-11 07:42 AM

It is. One second you're just scanning the instruments and trying to locate a camp, next you suddenly see a white stick out the corner of your eye through the left window, getting awfully big awfully fast.

I hate MANPADS. Easily fooled, but impossible to spot and no warning at all unless you can spot the trail of smoke. :shifty:

Oberon 01-18-11 01:03 PM

A quick flight from Biggin Hill to Duxford, leaving Biggin at about's getting dark, but just enough light to see where I'm going, pass over East London and the Thames and then head north. Fly over Stansted...right, must be getting near where the bloody hell is it? Dammit, where's my GPS...right...oh, you're over there. Where's the lights? No lights? Oh bloody hell...right...thank god for that motorway next to's too fast, go around do it again...ah, that's better...whoa, watch your roofs cars, and down we are, a little left of center...and up we are again, oh...Spitfire bounce, of course... :damn: and Bump, down we go again...all in once piece, good, now let's find the taxiway and park did I remember a torch? There's no bloody lights around here at all...
Flying over East London, heading up to approximately 23000 ft
Coming in to land for the second time, and bricking it severely
Down, done and dusted for tonight

CCIP 01-20-11 01:22 AM

After my "serious" flying was done today, I thought of just having a bit of fun. So I dug up my recently-discovered freeware IRIS birds for FS9 (available here - - they also produce new payware versions for FSX) and flew this...

If you don't love (and miss) this airplane, you have no soul :D

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