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Task Force 11-04-09 09:09 PM

The LOLwaffe space program knoticed something odd today!
LOLrocket 1 goin up!
Still going!
AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! (yep, ran out of fuel.)
glideing to a landing.
on the ground.

Schroeder 11-05-09 08:52 AM

Is there a reason why you keep your flaps extended?;)

Raptor1 11-05-09 08:58 AM

Also, why not use the BI-6? Given enough speed to fire up the Ramjets it can climb almost vertically

HunterICX 11-05-09 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by Schroeder (Post 1199380)
Is there a reason why you keep your flaps extended?;)

I bet on ''Jammed'' :D


Task Force 11-05-09 02:36 PM

1 after I got to a certian altitude, the plane didnt want to clime anymore, the flaps did the job better than the elevators, and also kept it in a nice steady climb.

2 the BI-6 was giveing me problems, and running out of fuel... (plus I was already flying the BI 2 when I thought it up.)

Castout 11-07-09 11:41 PM

Never ever put out to sea without good Air defense system,

Sorry about the angle being kind of awkward :)

One ship down!

Schroeder 11-08-09 10:28 AM

Must be screen shots of "Noisy Hunter IV".:yep:

Task Force 11-08-09 12:25 PM

Gotta love the new airplane AI...:rotfl2:

Castout 11-08-09 10:01 PM

The menacing Viper:03:

Night bombing of a warehouse, the flak was thick they got me a few seconds after I got this screen captured :nope:
Had to bail out and adding insult to injury I think I missed the damn building.

Task Force 11-09-09 04:05 PM

Flying a Il2 on a quick mission to bomb an enemy airbase.
In the end we hit a AAA unit on the other side of the base loseing a wing, and slid to the complete other side of the base missing a HE111 with only a fiew feet to spair...

Stealth Hunter 11-23-09 01:11 AM

Schroeder 11-23-09 08:33 AM

It does look good for sure. Now if they remove the "always online feature" they have a buyer here.

Fincuan 11-23-09 10:18 AM

Aye the water, the units and the trees look amazing. I'd add that besides removing the onlinge-requirement they have a buyer if they manage to do something about the ugly ground textures

Seeadler 11-23-09 12:40 PM

Flying Vickers Wellington B.Mk XIV RAF Coastal Command over Scotland.

departure in Inverness

to the west coast

approching Glencoe

Ben Nevis

Glenfinnan Monument

west coast - Isle of Sky

Stealth Hunter 12-08-09 01:06 AM

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