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TheBrauerHour 07-06-08 12:36 PM

And there are tons of other great WWIIOL videos on Youtube. I always post the videos to people wanting info. They do a better job than I would showing how great the game is.

Dowly 07-06-08 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by TheBrauerHour
And there are tons of other great WWIIOL videos on Youtube. I always post the videos to people wanting info. They do a better job than I would showing how great the game is.

True that, but what the videos dont show is how messed up the balance between the allies & axis airforce is. That's just ridiculous, Brits have 2 variants of Hurricanes they can fly at lvl1, the french have the Hawk, but what the Jerries have? A farcking 110!? Now try to reach the total of 400 points to get to rank 3 and 109, when, if you somehow accidentally manage to shoot EA down, you will most likely be shotdown before you reach the base. BANG, 3 points. :roll:

Why not have 109 as lvl1 plane, and 110(with bombs) & 190 as lvl3.

Tho, the teamwork is better on the axis side. Just 15min or so ago, I was playing as infantry, defending the coalstal town of Wilhemdam or something like that. The RAF & FaF were constantly keeping our noses on the mud with their strafin runs as the enemy tanks, infantry and ships slowly encircled us. Despite the big bombing raids from RAF, we managed to hold on and then the LW reorganised and launched a formation of 20-25 109s & 110s all flying in a one huge formation, 3-4k high and all hell broke loose when they jumped down onto the RAF & FAF. :)

Schroeder 07-06-08 02:44 PM

We are really getting OT but I just have to add this one.:rotfl:


Kratos 07-06-08 02:57 PM

:rotfl::rotfl: first laugh i've had today :up:

Kratos 07-07-08 01:26 PM

Well just upgraded my G/C from the ATI Radeon 9250-256MB to the Sapphire HD 2600 pro 512MB DDR2 memory :up: would have gone better, but cash and my Mobo restricted me.
What a difference. DOWLY watch out coz a can see for miles and miles now :lol:

everything clearer and crisper now :up:

Jimbuna 07-07-08 02:58 PM

You'd have saved a fortune if you'd only changed your spectacles :p

Kratos 07-07-08 03:16 PM

BAH!! specs like that are for old men like you..:rotfl:

Jimbuna 07-07-08 04:04 PM

Dowly 07-08-08 12:01 AM

A large Luftwaffe raid forming at Veirviers airfield. Stukas, 109s and Heinkels, all tasked to blow the city of Tienen and it's defenders to atoms. :up:

Seeadler 07-08-08 12:52 PM

I pimped my FSX with the FEX- and GEX-AddOn (Flight Environment X and Ground Environment X (Canada+Europe))

Kratos 07-09-08 02:32 PM

''Red leader to control'' ''you expect me to fly in this?''


Kratos 07-09-08 06:39 PM

From my ongoing Marethline campaign,

Bloody Jarmins ;) waited till i struggled all the way back to my base with this mess, then they jumped me as i got the base in sight. :huh:

Schroeder 07-10-08 05:54 AM

Look at the bright side, you didn't have to walk to far to get home.;)

HunterICX 07-10-08 06:01 AM

What yer blamming about...its just some scratches here and there..most of the aircraft is still in 1 piece



XabbaRus 07-10-08 07:29 AM

If I find myself in that situation and need to ge home I fly just off the deck and weave a little. It seems the AI doesn't like flying ultra low at all.

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