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Shaffer4 02-05-07 04:26 PM

The End of my First....okay second career (Today) upon coming back to IL2... Damn, I'm abit rusty... First Time playing with max settings too.. (on a decent machine..).. The Detail is good, considering the games age.. Note The Fatal Wound... Kraut Capped My @$$!

Shaffer4 02-05-07 09:27 PM

Damaged on Take off.. took off and jumped out...

For those concerned about the sh3/sh4 lifeboat issue, these last two show the results of Russian AA practice on downed German pilots..

Shaffer4 02-05-07 11:19 PM

Couple Shots of a Sub in Pearl (to honot the upcoming SH4... though, technically it Should be an S-boat sitting there...).. I'll spare you the rest till tomorrow... as there is a pretty funny story there...

Dowly 02-06-07 01:01 AM

Nice shots, Shaffer! :up:

Shaffer4 02-06-07 01:46 AM

:damn: :damn: :damn: :damn: :damn:

Whoops... clipped a periscope....

The amazing thing is that I was still alive after the crash... albeit I couldn't bail out... floated there for awhile... and the plane exploded... :arrgh!:

Shaffer4 02-06-07 11:23 PM

I'm good at running into things.. (a Stuka in this case..)

Rockets missed... Cannons Missed...

I blame it on the LAGG....

Shaffer4 02-06-07 11:24 PM

Bernard found his way to the Eastern Front.... next time he'll know better than to engage me at low Altitude...

Dowly 02-07-07 06:12 AM


Good ones!

danlisa 02-09-07 05:54 PM

Time to get this thread rolling again.:D

Dowly getting a kill.

Dowly under fire from photon torpedoes.;) or someone with a cold.:lol:

Dowly with a 'little' bit of damage.

Hunter approaching his prey.

Hunter after fleeing from his prey.:rotfl: :arrgh!:

I would like to thank myself as these screens were only possible because I was already dead.:dead:

Oh, I appologise for some of the 'decoration' on these planes. There's no accounting for taste.:rotfl:

Dowly 02-09-07 06:07 PM

Nice shots, mate! I need to grab few too the next time. ;)

Btw, I added you to MSN, so come online if you want/have time.

Biggles 02-09-07 08:06 PM

Nice pics danlisa! Dowly:rotfl:

btw, those skins are amazing! how did you get those? or did you make them yourselfs:huh:

in that case: DARN IT! I'll never be able to make something like that!:damn:

Dowly 02-10-07 08:03 AM

Hunter´s one of those 'Hmm.. I wonder what this button does..' moments. :D

Coming fast at Hunter.

Hunter bullying Dan ;)

Going low to escape Danlisa´s better half. (Really, she´s a fricking lunatic!! :rotfl:)

Biggles 02-10-07 08:37 AM

I thought you were on the same team?:doh:

Dowly 02-10-07 08:52 AM

We dont play on public servers. Hunter usually makes the game and we fly coops and dogfights. ;)

HunterICX 02-10-07 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly
We dont play on public servers. Hunter usually makes the game and we fly coops and dogfights. ;)

The reason is very simple

we can ajust the Dificulty so we all like it.
we can play the maps we like
no asshat that spoils the game by doing anoying things.
well...dowly is a asshat in a way...but on those moments danlisa sends his Lisa to finish him off :rotfl:

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