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boogieman335 07-18-2019 10:17 PM

Boogie's Refit for TWOS
Well guys the mods have been up for a little while now and I thought I might start a thread about them in case anyone has any questions, comments or anything.
First let me say I am not a graphic artist as is obvious if you have used the mods. I just played around with the textures in to achieve a look that I liked. I play The Wolves of Steel but there were a few textures that I wanted to change and having did a little modding with .dds files in Skyrim I sort of knew how.

The mods are setup to be installed with JSGME. In a TWOS install the unzipped mod folder should be placed in the TWOS parts folder and activated with JSGME.

Ver 1.2 has the boat textures separate from the uniform folders to give a little more choice.
Also As stated in the readme I developed these mods for use with TWOS. If you use a variant of the mighty fine crew mod that is different than the one that comes with TWOS this may affect the uniforms in an un intended way.

If installing to a non TWOS version of the game just place the mod folder in your mods folder for JSGME and activate in JSGME. The boat textures should work fine with any version as they only contain base texture files for the interior and an HDR filter for the sub interior.

The Electric gauges in the "A" boat use a different texture from the other boats so That is why they are a different color and the labels are blacked out.


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