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Onkel Neal 01-11-2017 08:41 AM

*** Nominations for Best of SUBSIM 2017 ***
Welcome to the nomination thread for the Best of Subsim 2017. I thank you for your time and assistance in recognizing the outstanding members of our community.

You can help us decide upon who should receive awards for being our best in the following categories:

Best Poster of the Year - So, have you noticed someone who posts regularly in the forums, he or she is friendly, helpful, interesting, and you enjoy reading what they have to say? Nominate her/him here.

Midshipman of the Year - Which new member (joined in 2017) has been the friendliest/helpful/interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for new guys who join Subsim, share laughs and are good and easy to get along with. Being a new guy ain't easy. Nominees to this category must have a join date of Dec 2016 and later.

Thread of the Year - There are 50~100 new threads every day at Subsim. Some are fluff, some are newsy, some are great points of interest that everyone seems to enjoy. Some threads spawn not only great posts, but memorable discussions that last for weeks and months. Of all the threads started in 2017--let's find that thread we call Thread of the Year. Cannot be a previous winner.

Post of the Year - There are 600 new posts every day at Subsim. That's over 275,000 this year. Of those, one will be Post of the Year 2017. Which one, that's up to you to decide. Cannot be a previous winner.

Funniest Post of the Year - Wit and humor is never in shortage here at SUBSIM. Who's the wittiest and funniest? No, seriously, who?

Mod/Modder of the Year - Let's give it up for the clever fellows who pioneer improvements and fixes to our sub games. For this category, you want to nominate someone who has created a really helpful and popular mod. Also consider how he interacts with the community--is he polite, supportive, and helpful? Does he respond to queries?

Most Helpful Member of the Year - To consider someone for this award, you should feel he is not only friendly and interesting, as is the criteria for the Poster of the Year award, but helpful in evident ways. Such as, this nominee posts links to help solve questions other members have, he supplies answers to questions, and he is civil and doesn't batter people who disagree with him.

Avatar/Signature of the Year - Very simple: if you see a signature or avatar you feel is really interesting, clever, funny, etc., post it here. Sigs should be within the rules pertaining to size.

Subsim Facebook Poster of the Year - Many Subsim members make great posts of screenshots, game reports, memes, and other naval content. Who is the overall standout of the year?

Subsim Facebook Post of the Year - Of all the posts and memes, which one would you say is the most memorable?

Subsim Video of the Year - The Subsimmer who made a video and we posted it or linked to it.

Please check the proper format guidelines in the next post.

There may be additional categories that open for nominations in Dec 2017.

Thanks again for your help!


Onkel Neal 01-11-2017 08:43 AM

Nominees have to be active members at the time of nomination.
You cannot nominate yourself (duh).
Threads and posts nominated should have begun in 2017.

When you post a nomination, you must include:
  • The category you are nominating for (Post of the Year, Modder of the Year, etc.)
  • The name of the nominee (correctly spelled).
  • The contents of his post or thread in QUOTES. Don't simply say, "He said this" and a link, include at least part of his post.
  • A link to the post or thread. For sigs, post the image.
  • Include your reason for the nomination, why you think it deserves an award.

Nominations will close on or before Dec 31, 2017

Throughout this year, if you come across a post or thread that you think is really noteworthy, post a link, the quote, and your argument. This way we can summarize the whole year easily come this December.


Also, please keep this particular forum on-topic at all times, so it's easier to sort through down the road. It's not necessary to express your thanks for being nominated.

Good hunting!

Onkel Neal 01-11-2017 08:43 AM


__________________________________________________ __________________________
Here is an example of the proper format for making a nomination. Let's say I want to nominate this thread for thread of the year, I would post it this way:

Category: Thread of the year
Member: August
Thread/Post & link: The Model Railroading thread


I've been getting back into model railroading in the past few months and i'm finding it very relaxing after a hard days work. It started with a 20 buck box of ho scale engines and freight cars and has grown into the makings of a fairly decent layout. I still have lots of work to do on it, the most important right now to get it insulated and finished before it gets too cold and drives me back to the warmth of a painting and detailing bench set up near the basement wood stove like last year.
Reason: I think a lot of people here share an interest in Model Railroading. The topic is popular and has received 2700+ replies.

Onkel Neal 01-11-2017 08:46 AM

...and we already have a solid candidate!

Category: Funniest post of the year
Member: Oberon
Post & link: US Politics thread


"The bible, completely overrated, I prefer sons of God that don't get crucified, that Jesus guy, low power...sad. Now that Lucifer, dangerous guy, wants to rule the Kingdom of Heaven, ain't gonna happen. I think we could sit down over a hamburger, you know...but Satan, he has great control over Hell, whether you like him or don't like him, he's doing a great job in building the image of Hell, he has big plans and I can't believe God is letting him get away with it. I have people, that have been studying the Old Testament and they cannot believe what they're finding. I would like to have God show his ten commandments, and can I be honest with you, I hope he can because if he can't, if he never spoke to Moses on the mountain, which is a real possibility, then he has pulled one of the biggest cons in the history of religion."

Reason: Really funny twist on Trump's own words. Really captured the style, too.

Jimbuna 01-23-2017 07:08 AM

Category: Post of the year
Member: Kapitan
Post & link: General Topics. My journey into the dead zone Chernobyl 2017 (pic heavy)


It all started on the morning of 26 April 1986, at 01:23 when reactor 4 suffered a catastrophic power increase, leading to explosions in its core. This dispersed large quantities of radioactive isotopes (Iodine 131, Thorium 157 and caesium 137 among others) into the atmosphere.

Nobody knew outside the plant what had happened most of the 49,000-people living in Pripyat we fast asleep when the event took place and little did they know that in a few days’ time they were to leave their homes forever.

We travel for nearly an hour and a half on board our tour bus, nothing fancy yet adequate in fact it had 16 seats and the group of just six of us, not including tour guide Natalia and Driver Igor.

We set off for the dead zone at 0745 stopping briefly at a gas station to buy snacks and water for the onward trip, don’t forget there are no stores in Chernobyl, well that are open and have items to sell anyway.
We head back onto the motorway and then sometime later we start hitting the back roads, for those who have false teeth I highly recommend super glue ! like a lot of roads in Ukraine and indeed Kiev they are not very well maintained and in our case winter tyres are a must!

After being shaken up like a martini for the best part of twenty minutes we come to the first checkpoint, now this is the entrance to the first exclusion zone the 30km one (there is two in Chernobyl a 30km and 10km depending on how radioactive each zone is) the guard is pleasant and can take a joke which was good news for my friend when I told the guard that his passport wasn’t his (yes he did excrete a brick).

The barrier represents all that was wrong with the world we are entering one of the most contaminated places on earth, no one lives here full time and no one has done since 1986 and its very likely no one will do at least not for another 140 years.
Reason: A very detailed insight to a true-life event. An event most if not all of this community are aware of and accompanied with a well thought out narrative and an abundance of eye-opening photographs.

Eichhörnchen 01-26-2017 03:26 PM

I wish to add my vote to the above for Kapitan

fumo30 05-03-2017 11:43 AM

Best poster of the year
Thread: Subsim music thread

Vienna is a walking database of music. He had done a lot to make music thread very interesting.
..Not to mention that he is friendly, smart, has great taste of music and has good sense of humour.

Commander Wallace 05-04-2017 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by fumo30 (Post 2482045)
Best poster of the year
Thread: Subsim music thread

Vienna is a walking database of music. He had done a lot to make music thread very interesting.
..Not to mention that he is friendly, smart, has great taste of music and has good sense of humour.

I can easily second that. I think we all can. Vienna not only gives you the songs and music but also the story around and behind the music.

Commander Wallace 05-07-2017 02:56 PM

For Best Artwork, I nominate none other than Eichhörnchen. Many people have made positive comments on Eichhörnchen's tremendous war themed paintings. Many people here, myself included, feel that Eichhörnchen's paintings and artwork are excellent and well detailed. There are other artistic talents here but none better than Eichhörnchen.

post # 601 & 603.

This isn't the first war themed painting that Eichhörnchen has painted and of course he does many nature paintings as well. The war themed paintings though seem to capture the theme of Subsim so well.

Nippelspanner 05-18-2017 04:58 PM


Category: Post of the year
Member: Skybird
Thread/Post & link: The US Politics Thread

Reason: In the Jungle of emotions and political core beliefs, it is paramount to try to not fall for tyrants with sinister motives trying to reel us in with false promises. Skybird's post is a great reminder of that, and also offers fantastic reasoning, which makes it very valuable.

Aktungbby 05-24-2017 12:07 PM


Category: Most helpful
Member: DOWLY Thread/Post & link: Missing Videos:

Reason: Dowly came up with the F12 approach to several members' (myself, Moomlight and Sailor Steve) inability to post or view videos using IE11 as their default OS: Plus he's friendly, interesting, civil and hasn't battered anyone!:up: :D

Originally Posted by rules
Most Helpful Member of the Year - To consider someone for this award, you should feel he is not only friendly and interesting, as is the criteria for the Poster of the Year award, but helpful in evident ways. Such as, this nominee posts links to help solve questions other members have, he supplies answers to questions, and he is civil and doesn't batter people who disagree with him.

Onkel Neal 06-17-2017 09:20 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Subsim Facebook Post of the Year

Kota Fox: All you guys are playing cold waters and im just over here by myself still commanding my rusty old uboat hah

Richard Marucha: lol it's the fidget spinner of subsims right now

Onkel Neal 07-03-2017 04:54 PM

Category: Post of the year
Member: PL_Harpoon
Post & link: Whats the problem with new models?
(Cold Waters forum)


First of all, there's no limit on number of models in the game engine (Unity).
Theoretically it is also possible within the engine to allow usage of external 3d models (look at Kerbal Space Program for example).


Unity does not have a native support for external model so adding it requires some work from the developers (the aforementioned KSP uses their own custom build file system for that).

It is also possible to replace current models/textures with your own if you decompile the package files. I would strongly advice against that for a couple of reasons though.

Firstly it can mess up the game.

Secondly, the devs clearly showed their willingness to work with the community. So, even if they purposefully choose not to allow 3rd party models we should respect that and not mess up with files they don't want us to mess with. Perhaps it will be added in the future, but for now I suggest we stick with things we can mod.

Reason: PL_Harpoon demonstrates the cooperative spirit that Subsim strives to reach with players and game devs.

Onkel Neal 11-24-2017 09:33 AM

Funniest Post of the Year

replying to silent5hunter, who discovered a morse code easter egg.


What mod(s)? ... and do you mean to tell me, you're skippering a submarine, and ~you~ don't know Morse code?... There will be no investigation. This will go directly to trial. You better line yourself up a good JAG mister! That is all!

Eichhörnchen 11-27-2017 04:29 PM

I saw that, too, and I second that :haha:

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