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TarJak 07-08-12 12:28 AM

eddie 07-10-12 11:55 PM

New toy!!!!

b34856 07-11-12 11:04 AM

Here's a few of mine:

Along with subsims I'm also an avid flight simmer, and I recognize at least one of you from another forum. :up:

Skybird 07-11-12 07:13 PM

PMDG 737NGX. Fly by night, floodlight on.

Preparing in Stuttgart at dawn.

Skybird 07-13-12 08:54 AM

A summer morning in Nice (Aerosoft). This Jetstreamm 4100 is getting prepared for this day's work.

Skybird 07-13-12 08:57 AM

Is the size-limitation no longer working with ImageShack? I keep choosing 1280, but they alsways produce the 1650 of the original, just not as sharp .

Arclight 07-13-12 08:20 PM

The ones above are 1280. :hmmm:

A wild Warthog apears!

Skybird 07-14-12 04:19 AM

Why is the forum pushing them up in size, then? They reach from one side of my 1680-screen to the other - but not the pics by others, only mine. The zoom-frame around them does not work when the link got posted and the pics appeared.

Experimental: Is this image - the same - sharper? The others I have box-ticked to 1280 at Imageshack, this one I ticked weith 1650.

Skybird 07-14-12 04:27 AM

Boy, that pic above - "keep size", whcih is 1680 - reaches around 30 cm beyond my screen frame!?!? What's happening here? :timeout: :doh: :06:

HunterICX 07-14-12 04:52 AM

Perhaps you're use a zoom of the browser? (hold ctrl and use the mouse scrolling wheel)
because on my 1680x1050 it's all fine.


Skybird 07-14-12 05:02 AM

No. changing the browser'S zoom changes EVERYTHING, not just the pics.

The earlier pics that I ticked as 1280 at Imageshack, and that on my screen appear as slightly blurry (blown up) 1680 image - how big appear they on your screens, guys?

The lateats pic I posted for experimental purposes, seems to have a soize of - estimate 2200 or even much more. At Imageshack I ticked "keep size" when uploading it - the size of the originals is all 1650. (my screen size).

HunterICX 07-14-12 05:15 AM

They appear normal on my end, right size and they're sharp in quality.


Skybird 07-14-12 07:21 AM

Tried another host,, this picture should appear as 1280 pixels in width.

Skybird 07-14-12 07:23 AM

Na super. :shifty:

Skybird 07-14-12 07:26 AM

Another site. 1024-size

Skybird 07-14-12 07:27 AM

1024 fills almost the whole screen (1680x1050) over here...?!?!

HunterICX 07-14-12 08:13 AM

Nope fine here as it should.

This picture is 1024 width

How does it show up at your end?
the same as you posted?


Skybird 07-14-12 09:13 AM

I'm clueless. Yours and other guys' pics get shown correctly. My own posted pics - all get blown up in size.

HunterICX 07-14-12 09:16 AM

It's a odd occurrence indeed...never heard of this before :hmmm:


Red October1984 07-14-12 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1909318)
A wild Warthog apears!


Cool shots. :up:

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