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GSpector 03-26-08 06:11 AM

Well, I think you guys convinced me, IL2 1946 will be the next Flight Sim I'll try to get, Then I'll wait for Knight of the Sky:up:

I just hope it's due out this year. I waited a very long time for B-17 III, and nothing (thanks Infrograms/Atari):down:

Dowly 03-26-08 06:16 AM

This' a good year for flightsims. BoB:SoW SHOULD be coming this year too. :up:

tater 03-27-08 06:14 PM

Dowly 03-27-08 06:18 PM


Jimbuna 03-27-08 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly

LOL ya daft bugga :rotfl:

HunterICX 03-27-08 06:31 PM

:rotfl:Nice one!


Biggles 03-27-08 06:51 PM

Hey, that looks like a Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1! Those aren't inplented in IL-2! How did ye get that?:o

Dowly 03-27-08 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Biggles
Hey, that looks like a Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1! Those aren't inplented in IL-2! How did ye get that?:o

The same way we soon have these: :p

tater 03-27-08 09:38 PM

That IS a Spit I. FM, 8x.303, everything. Damn hard to take down a he111. It's an entirely new plane, BTW. It doesn't hack an existing plane's FM, it has it's own. It is a Spitfire Mk I, new plane slot.

And even vs AI I was having a great deal of trouble with bf-109e4s. The vet and ace skilled ones were impossible to catch. Having alt on them is critical. Make me understand why their doctrine worked so well (central control vectoring them to superior alt, etc). SpitV vs 109s is a total walk in the park by comparison (I can usually take on many ace AI, and it's only a matter of how many I kill, not IF I kill like with this bird).

Can't wait for 109E1s so I have a chance vs them.

XabbaRus 03-28-08 06:16 AM

Careful discussing this. Looks good though.

HunterICX 03-28-08 09:40 AM

Whoopsie..overshot the bugger!
but got the kill!
(not by shooting it down thought :oops:)


TarJak 03-29-08 05:46 AM

TarJak 03-29-08 06:44 PM

Some shots from tonights co-op with HunterICX and Kratos:

Kratos 03-29-08 06:49 PM

:up: nice ones m8...must admit ...I dont know why i never used dcg before:damn:

HunterICX 03-29-08 06:56 PM

Yeh, great campaign the only thing now is those bugging AI flight models :damn:
they get extra E-boosts in a climb and we have to wait for them to dive upon us so we can have a shot at them.

dammit, I want SPITS NOW!:x


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