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danasan 02-08-12 03:10 PM

@ Hunter:

Your settings seem to work so far. Whatever it was, everything is there now. Let's see how long.

Thanks for the support! :salute:

HunterICX 02-08-12 03:22 PM

No problem, good to know it worked :salute:


eddie 02-08-12 05:51 PM

Hunter, notice anything different in this pic from CoD? Other then the fact that I resized it.

HunterICX 02-08-12 07:10 PM

:hmmm: guess would be that you've tweaked something.
but without having anything to compare it with I don't know what there should be different.


[501]Otto 02-08-12 07:43 PM

Summer, 1940.As the Battle of Britain rages over the skies, a JG-27s BF-109 prepares to shot down a Spitfire over the Channel

Hope you like it, cheers:
Otto ;)

Dowly 02-08-12 07:58 PM

Like it very much. :yeah:

Always liked the "early" (BoB) camos the 109's had.

And I have to congratulate you. You've picked the talent very quickly. :up:
(based on what you've shown here at of course)

Say, do you take requests? I might have something in mind. Tho, I can't pay you anything, being the poor little git and all that, but if you are interested,
throw me a PM and I try to give you as much details as I can. It's a late war ETO WWII thingy.

eddie 02-08-12 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by HunterICX (Post 1835640)
:hmmm: guess would be that you've tweaked something.
but without having anything to compare it with I don't know what there should be different.


Really didn't tweak much, but I found out how to turn off the Info Box and that throttle box that is in the corners of screen. Never couold understand why they put those in there, always messed up great screen shots I thought. It is suggested that you go into the main CoD folder and make a copy of the userconfig, and save it somewhere. Then when you are in the sim flying some where, hold down the Left Alt key, then right click on the Info Box, you will get another window where you can close it. Select Close and its gone. Do the same for the throttle box in the left lower corner of the screen. One warning though, not sure how to turn them back on, but don't know why you would want to?

Now I'm trying to find the parameters that dictate how close you can zoom in, but haven't found it yet, seems to me we can zoom in closer in IL 46 then CoD.

Herr-Berbunch 02-09-12 07:48 PM

Tried a career, it made me be french, so I flew about - returned back to base but couldn't figure out the throttle, made several attempts at landing but airspeed just too high. Then climbing out after a pass my engine cut out and I lolwaffled into the earth.

Then I became Deutsch (or should that be ein Deutscher?)

Nope, it's not made up, it's my first official RoF kill :arrgh!:

The barn door can now be hit, and just on the other side was an S.E. 5 :yeah:

Oberon 02-09-12 08:49 PM

RFC planes are nice but they spend more time trying to kill you than the enemy does.

danasan 02-10-12 04:07 AM

A dogfight... Sorry for still playing with easy settings :oops:

Great game, just wow :o

HunterICX 02-10-12 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by danasan (Post 1836395)
A dogfight... Sorry for still playing with easy settings :oops:

We've all been there :03:


TarJak 02-10-12 05:34 AM

I am the Walrus

danasan 02-10-12 06:26 AM

Could be rather cold being outside that Walrus...

Here is Live And Let Die:

TarJak 02-10-12 06:50 AM


Biggles 02-10-12 11:28 AM

Coo Coo Cachoo! :D

Okay, a little late, I know...
I love to lean out of the cockpit and see what's going on ahead and under me! :DL

CCIP 02-10-12 02:32 PM

I assume the Walrus is an AI only plane? I'd love to fly a good floatplane sometime, myself :D

A few highlights from my adventures at my new virtual airline:
Saab 360 at Bar Harbor, Maine - the plane on which I did most of my hours to earn my full First Officer rank at the airline.
Boston Logan airport at sunset
Evening approach into Boston
And my new ride :D
The Big Apple!

darius359au 02-10-12 06:17 PM

@tarjack ,that shot reminded me of a book about the swordfish "To War in a Stringbag" by Charles Lamb its a very interesting read if you haven't read it.

Biggles 02-10-12 09:22 PM

ROF will add a channel map in the not too distant future!
And they're also working on two floatplanes to go with it!

CCIP 02-11-12 12:07 AM

That's very cool!

Too bad that doesn't go to London. Could've made for some interesting strategic bombing :D

[501]Otto 02-11-12 04:23 AM

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