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iambecomelife 01-31-11 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1584075)
737 would be my favorite too, though I never got into payware add-ons. Should give it a chance sometime. :hmmm:

What surprises me is not that my wingman was fired upon, but that the giant plume of smoke and a missile passing him within a few feet didn't tip him off to the fact. :-?
He got lucky with the first one, didn't have the energy to reach him. Second missile had no such difficulties.

Oh well..

Did he died? :D

Seriously, how do they model bailing out in this game? Do you always get captured, always get rescued, or is there a percentage chance...? It always annoyed me how in some flight sims you get to continue the campaign even when you bail over enemy territory.

Arclight 02-01-11 05:06 AM

If he ejects he lives, though a missile detonating near the canopy may well kill instantly.

In the campaign you progress if you complete the mission (and move back if you fail), simple as that (Blackshark at least, havent gotten into campaign yet since it's still beta). You can set a variable for "dead is dead", but ejecting over enemy territory is not a factor. Just pretend they send the SAR in after you. ;)

Crécy 02-01-11 05:14 AM

Finally after the third try. A succesful landing!

CCIP 02-04-11 04:28 PM

And now for something a little different!

March 14, 1916

Crossing the trenches

A wingman hit by flak pulls back

Encountering an enemy flight


Knife fight

(if you look carefully, in the picture above you can see the poor Fokker pilot, falling to his death just behind and underneath my tail. No parachute for him!)

Oldschool :smug:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 02-04-11 08:33 PM

Could it be? It is Red Baron 3d!!!!:D Now that brings back memories.

TarJak 02-05-11 01:08 AM

Wow haven't played that on years.:o Certainly does bring back some fond memories.



Wheels up!

He's Mine!

Torpedo run:

TarJak 02-05-11 07:57 AM

Aussie Sabres:

TarJak 02-05-11 07:59 AM

More Aussie Sabres:

CCIP 02-05-11 02:46 PM

Yup, grand old times - that I never actually was part of, because I missed out on RB3D, along with most mid-90s classics (I started 'flying' circa '98). But I found it for sale again on, and thought I'd give it a look. Loving the heck out of it, as silly as it is to use a modern gaming computer with a HOTAS to fly this game :D

What is this Korean mod? Have not heard/seen it until you guys started posting these shots!

Geno_Mariner 02-05-11 03:29 PM

Are Sabres supposed to be an added plane for IL-2? Because I don't think I have the full set of planes and I installed everything correctly after a frustrating time of uninstalling and redoing everything as I'm sure some of you recall... :doh:

But that's some nice screencaps TarJak.

Schroeder 02-05-11 04:02 PM

I believe it is part of HSFX.
I really hope though that they redo the FM as it is totally porked as it is now.:dead:

Geno_Mariner 02-05-11 04:34 PM

Running ANOTHER uninstall :damn: Obie's helping me fix it.

TarJak 02-05-11 05:54 PM

I got them with UP2.01. The RAAF skins are over at

Geno_Mariner 02-05-11 07:52 PM

Got it sorted! :D

TarJak 02-05-11 08:18 PM

Good news. Don't expect them to look exactly like the screenies. These have been heavily edited.:D

Geno_Mariner 02-05-11 08:49 PM

Lol I kinda figured XD

Oberon 02-06-11 02:31 PM

Sabres, love them...shame they're a bit of a twitch-fest though.

Geno_Mariner 02-06-11 06:22 PM

Yea? :-? I plan to do some flights, mess around with a couple of planes this noon (or morning). Lookin' forward to flying with you guys later.

Kptlt. Neuerburg 02-06-11 09:29 PM

A new screenshot from me.

Geno_Mariner 02-06-11 10:50 PM

Played with IL-2 a little while ago :) Here's some screenies.
On my way to taking off
Successful take-off, went without a hitch
Pretty smooth flyin', dunno how my machine gun got jammed :doh:
Failed landing, lowered gears too early and got the wheels ripped off then the plane nosedived.
Tried the quick mission. Quit because it kept stalling when I tried to turn (that never happened in multiplayer)
I agree with Obie, this is one damn twitchy plane.

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