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Stealth Hunter 12-06-08 05:19 PM

Death in the Air

Verdun Patrol

Down in Flames

Stealth Hunter 12-06-08 05:21 PM


Silver Hawk


Seeadler 12-11-08 04:32 PM

FSX shots with the new payware addon's:
- Real Environment X
- PMDG 747

PMDG's 747 VC Cockpit

MD-11 departing Vancouver

MD-11 on Hannover ground

MD-11 over South China Sea

Rilder 12-16-08 06:05 AM
LOW-lunar Orbit.

porphy 12-20-08 05:52 PM


Today I did some more Black Shark Ka-50 flying. I have started to dig in to flying in simulator mode and with simulator avionics. Yes, it's a bit daunting doing both the flying and the shooting... :-?

Anyway, after fiddling on the runway with all the buttons and doing a less than stellar take off (somehow I yawed and banked away to the left a bit to violent and almost slashed the ground with my rotors...), I approached the targets for today. Four Abrams tanks that where put as sitting ducks on the road. No shooting back or moving around allowed today, I'm a learner.

After struggling a bit more to get in position and engaging the auto hover, it's time to try out the toys hanging of the stub wings. Success! I managed to hit all targets. Close up look in the Shkval monitor. :up:

You might see a very small dot between the smoke. Thats the Shark.

Then I played a bit with the cannon as well. :)

Later I did some playing around with the editor, and went for a early morning/ late night and foggy flight. Very scary and did not end well.

cheers Porphy

Task Force 12-20-08 05:58 PM

what year did Combat flight simulator 3 come out?:hmm:

Good shots all.

Seeadler. those screenshots are great. That add on looks real good.

Oberon 12-20-08 06:02 PM

Overhead cables and rotors don't mix, learnt that many times in EECH :lol:

Great shots :up:

iambecomelife 12-28-08 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon
Overhead cables and rotors don't mix, learnt that many times in EECH :lol:

Great shots :up:

Next time, teach your chopper to perch on the wires like a bird!

@Stealth Hunter - good to see someone else is still interested in RB3D. I think I still have a dormant career on my HD - a French flier who has amazing luck & lots of kills. He's the exception; most of my Red Baron careers involve me jumping over the trenches from 5,000 feet with no parachute.:nope:

Biggles 12-28-08 05:06 PM

The most beatiful airplanes are the old ones....

Oberon 12-28-08 05:32 PM

From one era to another...

Biggles 12-29-08 04:47 PM

The battle for Peleliu is raging at the moment. It seems we wiped out any japanese air resistance in the first few days. Nowadays the escort missions is a real cakewalk, especially since the japs don't have any high altitude flak on the islands. (This is not my plane taking off, I do air-start, I can't stand the Carriers...)
And these are the SBD-5s I have to lead to the island. Most of them returned...what the hell, all of them did!:shifty:

Oberon 12-29-08 05:16 PM

"I counted them all out, and I counted them all in!"

Biggles 12-29-08 05:23 PM

Except for those who ocassionally smashes into the tower of the ship ofcourse:damn:

Raptor1 12-29-08 05:39 PM

Now you're ruining Schultz's pleasure cruise vacation, he thought he left all the crazy tower-crashing people in Russia :nope:

Silverleaf 12-30-08 12:07 AM

Have to say, some excellent screen shots throughout this monumental thread. My favorite is from page 8, something about the text and image just slays me.

I'm good at running into things.. (a Stuka in this case..)

Rockets missed... Cannons Missed...

I blame it on the LAGG....

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