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KleineUboot 05-06-21 09:03 AM

Probably the best modern subsim IMO. The controls are kinda hard to get used to after the Silent Hunter series, and optimization is poor, but most bugs are fixed at this point and in general the game is good.

Nuestro Lenny 06-22-21 08:19 PM

After I saw the game on wolfpack's youtube channel I gave it a try for a week and this is a recollection of my first impressions:

Things that I liked:
-Ability to attach a camera to any object on map, even in a torpedo.
-Boarding ships to inspect cargo on neutral nations ships or to inspect abandoned subs in middle of the sea.
-The option to automatically plot an interception course on the fly.
-The crew management feels more natural and deep than in SH, even the way to recruit new sailors gives you a backstory of that person, so you can evaluate what kind of personality he could be.
-The autorouter, how many hours I have lost plotting courses on SH just to end crashing on a minuscule island that you can only see by zooming at maximum and reviewing all the route.
-The crew makes their things without your intervention if you like, and meanwhile you also gives you the choice to micromanage a lot.
-The darker nights option is trully dark, you even have a searchlight.
-The seabed hides the sub against sonar.
-The graphics are a true joy to watch, and the 3d models are very well done.
-A lot of debris from sunk ships, and the ability to pick those debris and up to certain point ressuply the sub.
-Milk cows on vanilla game
-Personaly I like the way the wolfpack attacks are coordinated.
-The crew can loose composure during depth charges attacks from destroyers, and you have to give them a small beating to silence them.
-Every sailor has a different amount of discipline, so you can disband sailors that are prone to crack under pressure when you return to port.
-The ease to activate/deactivate mods from the launcher without the need of jsgme
-The price, at least for now during pre-release.
-It feels incredibly promising if the dev team don't throw the towel and keeps adding new features and improving quality of life issues.

Things I didn't liked:
-The scope mouse control. Seriously, I hate the way it moves. Not only it goes really slow, it doesn't drag keeping rotating the view. And the view moves at the inverse direction of what I would expect by the mouse movement.
-The lack of a scope on the deck gun. It was a guilty pleasure of mine to shoot manually in the SH games, but both of the crosshairs are unprecise and lacking in comparison.
-The radio music don't shuffle the songs. It always starts from the same song even if you add a pack of songs from a mod. It also would be nice to pick the songs in middle of the playback of a song, in real life when you tune a radio the songs don't start from the very beggining in the exact moment you tune that channel.
-No UZO in the vanilla game.
-A slight amount of static radio noise dependent of the distance from the sub to the radio station would add atmosphere.
-Lack of map plotting options: the 4 bearings method is quite a chore without the ability to move lines or circles without changing their dimensions nor bearing.
-It's a chore to make paralel lines and to plot a bisector.
-A copy paste of drawing elements would be very welcome.
-A undo option for changes in plotted elements would kill it.
-I miss an option to completely erase all the plotted lines on the map at once.
-I find myself plotting a new course for the sub when I'm trying to change the size of the TDC console
-The sim should had included in the vanilla game the TDC console
-No pistol selector, nor magnetic pistol without mods
-I liked more the way SH3/4 handled the sub parts and torpedo upgrades, but it's just my own opinion
-Still not easily recognizable star constellations like in SH.
-The travel between stations would need an overhaul, it feels clumsy to be on the map and have to pre-select the captain on the 3d view, to then scroll to get into the manual scope view. I'm sure that it can be done in a simpler and more clever way.
-Lack of secundary ports.
-Only VIIIC, no IX, nor XXI subs.
-Lack of sound level sliders. The radio music and the crew dialogues should have different sliders.
-The way and speed at what the ships sink in the vanilla game, it's way too fast.
-The deck gun feels overpowered, I don't know if it's realistic or not.
-The sink times feel too fast, but I'm not sure if it's realistic or not.

It really feels like very early days in the development cycle, it's very incomplete without mods as of now in the b129. The game still lacks quite a lot of quality of life features and have small bugs here and there. But it also gave me the feeling that it has the potential to be what silent hunter 5 wanted to be but couldn't be because Ubisoft never gave the time and resources to the devs to finish it properly. For some reason I have high hopes for this game.

All in All, I think that it deserves a try even in the current beta phase is enjoyable.

Aktungbby 06-22-21 09:36 PM

welcome aboard!
Nuestro Lenny! Nice even-handed first post!:Kaleun_Salute:

Magnus Samuelsson 11-22-21 08:40 AM

Okay, so after a long silent run. I'ts time to make a post about this game.

It is really good :Kaleun_Salute:


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