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woofiedog 09-25-11 06:24 AM

A couple of questions about the resolution setting with TvT.

What is the resolution set at for most of you while playing the game?

And have any of you had any problems or graphic artifacts with for say a 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 setting?

Is there a resolution limit to which TvT can handle?

And one more question with any of you using the Nvidia control panel... what setting are you using for TvT?


woofiedog 09-25-11 07:27 AM

Here are a couple of screens showing the problems I'm running into with TvT.

Any help would be appreciated... Thank's

When playing the Russian side after playing a mission or two... the next time I restart a mission the game does not have any background and the tank is floating in space.

Or in the far distance the trees have a boxed look or venetian blind look to them as in this screenshot with the trees in the middle of the screen.

MikeB 09-25-11 01:32 PM

I have the same problem with some of the tree lines as you do. I never played the Russian side but on occasion I'll have the floating in space effect. The only thing I've found is to exit the game, clear the cache and re-start. As far as resolution TvT will support what your card or monitor will support. I run at 1360 x 768 only because I'm using an HDTV and that's the native. I forced it to 1920 x 1080 and it looks good with no loss of FPS but the HDTV re-sets after about 15 min. I have a 27" monitor on the way to run at 1920 x 1080. My Nvidia settings are :

Anisotropic Filter 16x
Anti aliasing gamma correction OFF
Anti aliasing 16x
Anti aliasing transparency OFF
Max pre rendered frames 6
Multi display/mixed GPU SINGLE
Power Managment mode Max performance
Texture filtering anistropic sampling ON
Texture filter Negative LOD CLAMP
Texture filter quality High Quality
Trilinear optimization ON
Threaded Optimization ON
Triple buffering OFF
Vertical Sync OFF
Driver version 270.61
GTX 580

In game settings everything maxed except shadows down 1 notch. Hope this helps you a bit.

woofiedog 09-25-11 04:16 PM

Thank's for the reply and your control panel settings.

I have also found that you have to shut the game down and restart to clear the floating tank problem.

With the venetian blind look of the distance trees I'm still play with my Nvidia control panel settings and seeing what the Evga 590 GTX can/can't do. Great card so far.

Did try using AF 16x & AS 16xCSAA... but this seemed to increase the venetian look and a few other graphic artifacts. Mostly off color patches on the vehicles.
Here are the control panel settings so far I'm using... but will try out your set up and see how the game runs. It's a new rig for me so still on the learning curve with things.


Anisotropic Filter 8x
Antialiasing gamma correction On
Antialiasing 8xCSAA
Anti aliasing transparency 4x supersample
CUDA GPU`s Use global setting All
Max pre rendered frames 3
Multi display/mixed Single Display
Power Managment mode Use global settings Adaptive
Texture filtering anistropic sampling Off
Texture filter Negative LOD CLAMP
Texture filter quality Use global settings Quality
Texture filter Trilinear optimization Use global settings ON
Threaded Optimization Use global settings ON
Triple buffering OFF
Vertical Sync Use global settings 3D application

Again Thank's :salute:

KdF 09-25-11 05:40 PM

You are runnin the Fermi Chip. I be jealous, but remember, this game was made for DX9c and before, so I think the Venetian Blind sindrome will only keep poppin up.

woofiedog 09-25-11 10:11 PM

Agree with the DX9 thought and a good item to think about... but haven't yet found a regular setting * or - that I can setup the game at it's max/quality playing level for the game that has the graphics & frame rate of the card's/computer output in mind.

Can say over all there has been no studder or freezing with game play and the game settings are at max output. More of finding a setting that is the best level for eye candy & computer output.

Here is another screenshot while using the same spec's as above and you can see the venetian blind look appear at the top even with ground features fairly close looking good.

But yet here is a shot with a different map with local ground forest at distance and yet there is no venetian blind look?

Another close ground & forest screenshot.

murkz 09-26-11 12:26 PM

The venetian blind look woofie, is caused by TvT only drawing a few of the front trees deep at a certain distance, TvT then lays a texture over the top to simulate a fully populated forest. That texture is what you are seeing.

This can be altered to allow a lot more trees to be drawn but TvT will be unplayable.

woofiedog 09-26-11 01:24 PM

So there really is no fix for the venetian blind look with the trees... Thank's for the answer and reply.

RICH12ACE 10-07-11 10:52 AM

windows 7??
hi all does TVT work on windows 7 64 bit?? it keep ctd! [i have not installed any zee mods yet] :hmmm:

KdF 10-07-11 10:53 AM

Yepper. I'm runnin 64, works fine.

woofiedog 10-07-11 11:14 AM

Have Windows 7 pro and TvT is running fine... along with an EVGA 580 GTX card can put video settings to the max with no studder or freezes during game play.

RICH12ACE... you might want to try reinstalling the game. I do get the floating tank with no background when restarting a new mission... but just exit game and restart and the game runs fine.

RICH12ACE 10-07-11 02:55 PM

hi all i have now got it working it was my msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll files i downloaded them from :woot: i got the info from

woofiedog 10-07-11 03:39 PM

Cool... good luck hunting! :DL

KdF 10-15-11 02:56 PM

Zee sirs....any New News?

cothyso 10-26-11 10:11 PM

hi fellows!

a few questions for you, please:
1) from where can this game be bought?
2) does it have/use/needs a serial to can play it (singleplayer/multiplayer)? (because if it doesn't have/need any serial, than 2nd hand games can be bought safe too)
3) does it need to have the CD/DVD inserted in order to play?
4) when is the next 1 year period starting for this project, at the end of January 2012?


woofiedog 10-27-11 07:14 AM

1. Your going to have a very hard time finding a copy of T-34 vs Tiger and I'm not sure if a downloaded copy can be bought.

2. There is a code for installing the game and there are some problems as the print for the code is very small and it is hard to distinguish some letters or numbers. A second hand copy should be fine... if you can locate one on for say ebay.

3. no

4. The current membership is good till 1-31-2012 and the new membership will start after.

woofiedog 10-27-11 12:31 PM

Did find two web sites that have download versions of WWII Battle Tanks T-34 Vs Tiger for $10.

It is too bad that you can not order through Subsim/Amazon for a download copy. :hmmm:

Checkout also these sites for TvT info.

chrysanthos 10-28-11 04:58 AM

all i can say is wow:) many playble units are there? and here in greece we have euro not it really worth it? zeewolf dont get insulted just asking ok?

ZeeWolf 10-28-11 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by chrysanthos (Post 1775691)
all i can say is wow:) many playble units are there? and here in greece we have euro not it really worth it? zeewolf dont get insulted just asking ok?

Hi chrysanthos,
There is only two playable units at the moment (Tiger E mid and early and T34-85) I am working on more. :up:
As for it's worth, all I can say is I'm giving this my best possible effort with
a full commitment to make T34 vs Tiger successful.:yep:

All the best


PS I would like to receive e-mail (now that I am no longer moderator) :)

KdF 10-28-11 12:20 PM


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