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Missing Name 03-07-12 01:16 AM

June 10, 1941. Heavily garbled, weak unencrypted radio signal from U-108 (?).
U..8...R_B..._ANG...........RCH_FLUG......WE...... ........RA.... ..G9..3.....TOT.....WERE_SC.......N..ORT_DIE...... ...AD.._ANT..... ..RDE_V...U.HE....._Z.....IEN..
Intercepted RAF radio traffic west of Gibraltar mentions an attack on a uboat but there is no confirmation of a kill. No oil slick detected.

Kapt Z 03-07-12 10:46 AM

U-76, 2nd patrol
2nd patrol

U-76, type VIIB
U-Flotilla Wegener, Kiel
Departed: 20NOV39
Returned: 30DEC39
Assigned grid: B13

6 Merchant ships sunk
2 Tankers sunk

30,631 tons

One torpedo remaing
No damage sustained

Oblt. Gunter Klauth

VonApist 03-07-12 11:40 AM

July 31, 1940
Kaptltnt Dietmar Kloss

Back at Wilhelmshaven after a 4 week patrol
Patrol Grid: BF-21
Tonnage: 43,671
Warships: 1
Tankers: 1
Merchants: 6

Hull Integrity 100%

GWX+SH3Commander + Realism 90%

Harald_Lange 03-10-12 04:59 AM

Just had a rough time of it.

Feb 18th 1940 in my TypeIIA. Tracked and intercepted a convoy protected by 2 Black swan Class, had only 3 eels remaining.

Launched them and managed to sink a large tanker and bring a large merchant to a stop. The tanker went up spectacularly, but the merchant refused to sink. I waited for the rest of the convoy to leave the area and surfaced at close range to open up with my only other weapon, the flak gun.

Turned the merchant into a floating bonfire but I attracted the attention of the 2 Black Swans. Was so focused on sinking this merchant I hid behind it to protect myself from the incoming shells. Very reckless I know but I was determined to add another 10,000t to my tally.

Big mistake as I narrowly escaped with a crash dive into only 40m of water. Spent the next night dodging wabo's on my way to deeper water.

Both Periscopes destroyed, Conning Tower severely damaged, severe damage to my radio room and worst of all the blast killed my Hydrophone operator. :nope:

Managed to finally make it to 70m water and miraculously my pressure hull held out despite all the damage. Shook them off and returned to port. Never managed to sink the burning merchant, but at least I survived for another Feindfahrt.

Patrol results|Crew losses: 1 dead|Ships sunk: 2|Aircraft destroyed: 0|Patrol tonnage: 13013 tons.

matti95 03-10-12 12:01 PM

24 august 1941, CG 85.
U-94 Is getting in position for a torpedo attack on a granville freighter.
Last night 2 small merchants were sunk by U-94.

Missing Name 03-10-12 03:29 PM


From: Befehlshaber der U-Boote
To:Kapitänleutnant Werner Rzepka, commander of U-108.

As a result of your continued reckless behavior, you are removed from command and facing possible demotion.

Even after repeated warnings and the loss of four your crew in June, you still take foolish gambles with the Navy's boat and personnel. Charging surfaced into a heavily armed convoy in broad daylight, well within the air coverage of Gibraltar is both suicidal and directly against your training. That everyone made it back alive is nothing short of a miracle.

I have been informed that it is not economically feasible for U-108 to be repaired this time.

However, it is true that you have caused a great deal of damage to the enemy shipping routes. It is only for this reason that I have yet to decide whether you will be permanently removed from duty or be reassigned to a new boat. You are not allowed offshore while I make my decision.

u35_captain 03-11-12 09:22 PM

Just brought U-105 back to Lorient after a long patrol in the Carribean, October 1942.

Total of 67,000 tons shipping sunk. I managed not to miss with a single torpedo from my Type IX. Raided three ports on the way and my flak gunners nailed a half-dozen Avengers.

I doubt I'll ever have a better mission. A box full of medals to award to my crew, and two promotions.

Thankfully, didn't see a single one of my arch-enemies, the Sunderlands of Coastal Command.

Tinman764 03-12-12 02:10 AM

10 Sept 1939 - Depart Wilhelmshaven

13 Sept 1939 - Contact with Merchant AN44, Steamer sunk.

14 Sept 1939 - Contact with Merchant AN14, Freighter sunk.

14 Sept 1939 - Contact with Merchant AN14, Steamer sunk.

20 Sept 1939 - Contact with Large Convoy BF16
One ASW escort observed, HMS Nelson seen in centre of convoy.
HMS Nelson attacked with spread of 4 forward tubes.
Two premature detonations close to UBoat causing no damage. One premature detonation closer to convoy and
lost contact with final torpeado. No hits.

Second attack made on HMS Nelson with remaining 3 forward tubes.
Two premature detonations inside the convoy and one miss.
UBoat attacked by HMS Nelson - minor damage recieved.

Lost contact with convoy.

26 Sept 1939 - Contact with Merchant AN14, Freighter sunk.

26 Sept 1939 - Contact with Merchant AN14, Steamer sunk.

29 Sept 1939 - Returned Wilhelmshaven
Nil Injuries
Nil Deaths
5 Merchants sunk for 11911 tons


Osmium Steele 03-12-12 01:36 PM

I thought I was in perfect position to hit the Nelson and the Rodney, 3km away, but the visibility was so poor, by the time I could see them it was too late!!

If I hadn't told the watch officer to bugger off, I could have put 4 fish in one of them at least.

0300 hours, high seas, overcast, manual targetting. Curse my inexperience! :damn::damn:

On the other hand, on the surface, desk awash, and watching a Hunt sail by less than 1km off my bow without being seen had a nice pucker factor! :yeah:

andwii 03-12-12 10:58 PM

Patrol number: 18
Uboot: U-123
Year: 1939
Realism: 100%
max TC used: 128
Tonnage: 61021
Days at sea: 09
managed to pull off the scapa flow raid.

Brag 03-14-12 06:57 AM

Balz is in the dreaded BoMüller Triangle. :D

Harald_Lange 03-14-12 08:21 AM

Currently having the time of my life in the Denmark Strait. Whilst fully laden with eels, I encountered a large convoy.

I don't know whether I'm getting better at this lark, or if its just luck, but I've taken out 3 of the 4 escorts and sunk a large merchant, and 2 modern tankers. I've managed this by joining the middle of the convoy and shadowing a merchant whilst picking the tankers off with magnetic pistols at odd angles.

The last escort cottoned onto my game and threw me a few water bombs my way. Not bad timing though as I've doubled back a few miles to where I stopped a couple of merchants dead in the water. I've since reloaded my eels with the deck reserves, picked the merchants off with my deck guns, and I'm off back into the thick of it. If I can take out the last escort, I'm going to have a field day with my deck gun, it will probably melt.

This is quite simply the best game I've ever played, and I've played a few. :arrgh!:

EDIT: I've just been clicking around in SH3Commander, I didn't realise it actually shows you how many lives were lost for each ship sunk, the poor buggers...:doh:

lightingstrike2 03-15-12 11:48 PM

The new adventchure
This will be my first voyage.. on silent hunter 5. i am hopeing i have learned alot from Frontier :) so im hopeing i can do him proud will do a lets play as soon as i get my coppy of SH5 :) till then im doing as much sub and ship reshurch as i can get my mitts on

till next report

Lightingstrike2 out :salute: :ping:

Tigershark624 03-17-12 08:19 AM

I'm currently on my second patrol, mid-September 1939. I've sunk five ships so far for just over 16,000 tons. I have three eels in the forward tubes, one in the stern and one stern reload. I just spent four hours of game time shadowing a large merchant, waiting til dusk to move in for the attack. I went to periscope depth at dusk and pulled up perpendicular to her course. I popped the attack scope up and immediately noticed the floodlights on her flag. NEUTRAL! :damn:

It was a large tanker, too. I was planning to fire my last three eels and go home. Back to Frigging Around for a time.

Tinman764 03-17-12 08:40 AM

Mid-Patrol Report

Patrolling designated area of the Rockall Banks.... weather foul.... no contacts for 5 days... request weather infomation or permission to patrol the SW approaches... out.

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