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Kptlt. Neuerburg 07-27-15 11:08 PM

Not going to let this thread die yet!

Kptlt. Neuerburg 11-15-15 03:57 PM

Here's a little something for Aktungbby.
And a little something I whipped up in GIMP in my spare time.

GSpector 11-15-15 07:48 PM

Nice pics, are they from Flanders Field?

Aktungbby 11-15-15 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by Kptlt. Hellmut Neuerburg
Here's a little something for Aktungbby.

Thanks fer thinkin' ov mi! A little sepia-tone BBY:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 11-15-15 10:05 PM

@GSpector, Theses screens are all from my ongoing campaigns in Rise of Flight.

@Aktungbby No sepia toning there, it was a taken during an early morning patrol and I've got a mod that changes the games sky box to proper morning/dusk colors and it looks very amazing.

And just for the heck of a little gold toning from the following World War.

Eichhörnchen 11-29-15 04:48 AM (click on this to enlarge)

I had already had posted my own flightsim screenies in an album on my Profile Page when I discovered this thread; perhaps you'd like to check them out there, or I might put a few more in here if I remember (GT's is where I seem to get caught up most days).

Eichhörnchen 11-29-15 05:27 AM

Silly to repeat them all here; see more on my Profile Page...

Kptlt. Neuerburg 12-02-15 12:47 AM

eddie 04-16-16 06:56 PM

New toy in IL46!:D

adrians69 04-17-16 04:00 AM

Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.33.1
Here's some pics from my first multiplayer sortie since upgrading to the new 4.33.1 version of BMS. My wingman and I were tasked with the destruction of the Puro-ri naval base in North Korea. The pics are from ingress and egress to and from the target. Didn't have much time to take screenies during the actual attck, but it was a huge success, with almost all assets at the base destroyed or heavily damaged :)
Ingress to the target
Wingman breaks off for his attack run
Rejoining after the attack
Back on the ramp at Kimpo

Thanks for viewing :up:

Cybermat47 04-18-16 06:37 AM


Kptlt. Neuerburg 06-18-16 10:27 PM
The resting place of some silly Frenchman who managed to lawn dart his machine into his native soil while trying to chase me.
Pew Pew
Ok now that's just showing off!
And two screenshots from the most terrifying dogfights I ever did in Rise of Flight... so far.

larrysellars 08-26-16 10:00 PM

Thought I'd toss a couple of images in here to refresh one of my favorite threads! Dusted off the KA-50 again and playing through the original Deployment campaign before trying out the new(ish) Republic campaign.

Bleiente 09-27-17 04:02 PM

Nice boom and zoom... :Kaleun_Applaud:

Bleiente 09-27-17 05:01 PM

LeoBlack13 I/JG7

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